Is The Daiwa BG MQ The Best Reel For Inshore Fishing?


Have you seen the Daiwa BG MQ spinning reel yet?

If so, have you been able to use it?

This reel is the ULTIMATE spinning reel for inshore saltwater anglers.

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At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Daiwa did something no other reel manufacturer would have dared do.

They decided to quietly launch a new reel – THE BG MQ!!!

Daiwa originally came out with the BG MQ in the year 2020, but it was only available in larger sizes.

Then in 2021, Daiwa decided to produce smaller sizes (2500, 3000, 4000) for inshore applications.

During the first six months of use, we can firmly state that this is the best premium reel at the greatest value for inshore anglers.

Furthermore, even after hooking into a 10-foot shark and just quickly rinsing the reel down after each use, the mechanics are flawless.

Daiwa Fuego reels are in fact lower in cost, however, the BG MQ will hold up better against fishing wear and tear.

For example, Luke Simonds hooked into a 10-foot shark with the BG MQ and managed to fight the fish until the line gave in and broke, but the reel itself was not overmatched.

With other inshore spinning reels, they will bend or parts within the inner workings of the reel will give in to the pressure and torque of the strength of the fish.

The BG MQ is very compact and rigid in the alignment of its gears and parts so it can absorb and handle a lot of pressure.

A single caveat to this reel design would be that it is an aluminum-bodied reel.

Aluminum is slightly heavier than other composite plastics and materials used to manufacture spinning reels.

However, when compared to other aluminum-bodied reels, the BG MQ still comes in as a lighter reel.

Although fairly new, the ultimate inshore spinning reel is still flying under the radar.

If you are in the market for a premium spinning reel, check out if the BG MQ is the right fit for you!

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daiwa bg mq 2500

If you are looking for a reel upgrade within the $200 range, the Daiwa BG MQ is the way to go.

The lightweight, compact BG MQ has the best value for a premium spinning reel.

If you want an upgrade from the excellent Daiwa Fuego, check out the BG MQ!!

➡Get the BG MQ

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Marcus Sturgeon
1 year ago

Hey Justin,
Just picked up a Ballistic MQ 4k on a 7’6 BB Stealth Sniper MH, and I currently have a C5000 Stradic FL on a BB Bolt M 7’6 and a C5000 Vanford on a Seagis 7’6 M, I’m looking at picking up another rod (interested in the Slot machine) and pairing it with either a 3000 or 4000 series BG MQ, Saltist MQ, or possibly going as high as a Certate and wanted your recommendations. I normally run my setups with top water on one, 3″-4″ paddle tail, spoon, and a jerk shad, and normally using a range of 15-20# braid. I have a couple other heavy structure rods for big reds and snook so it’ll mainly be used for kayak fishing targeting snook and reds mainly.

David Carrizales
2 years ago

Question can I use BG MQ2500 on the jetty

Charles Wynn II
2 years ago

So I was at Bass Pro last picking up some tackle and finally got to put my hands on the BG MQ (as well as the Ballistic MQ and Stradic FL and Vanford). I have a 2500 Stradic FI and 4000 Stradic FK that I bought 10 and almost 6 years ago now. I use them from the surf, jetties, docks as well as bank fishing in freshwater and both are still excellent. I am really considering the jump to a BG MQ 3000 for my next reel. The sales guy (who says he has owned Daiwa before) said he prefers Shimano simply because of the design of the handle attachment on the Daiwas…he showed me on both of the MQs (BG and Ballistic) the handle screws on to a thick, but very short, stem on the reel. He showed me that only about 4 threads are actually holding the handle on…he claims eve the super expensive Saltiga is this way. He does alot of land/bridge fishing for large snook and tarpon and claims he ran into issues in the past with this connection failing while on a large fish. I had never heard this before but as someone who is considering switching over, I wanted to get your input.

Thank you!

Francis Worsham
2 years ago

where can I get a second spool for the BG MQ 3000?

Last edited 2 years ago by Francis Worsham
Tim Goodley
2 years ago

I recently purchased the Daiwa Saltist MQ 3000. Daiwa has really impressed me with there new one piece bodies. I look forward to putting this reel to the test throughout the year.

David Bush
2 years ago

Any advice regarding the different gear ratios on the 2500 and 3000? I tend to prefer higher ratios like on the 3000, but like that the 2500 is lighter. Decisions, decisions…

Rob S
2 years ago
Reply to  David Bush

Wrestled with that decision like you. I decided on the 3000 as faster retrieve outweighs 1 oz. difference in weight. When the Ballistic MQ 2500 becomes available, I’ll go with that since it provides faster retrieve AND lighter weight. The trade off is $24 additional cost (excluding FL sales tax). I’m assuming SS reviews will continue to favor the rigid aluminum frame of the BG MQ over the composite frame of the Ballistic MQ. However, with it bringing a higher cost/higher profit, I won’t be surprised if there is some new justification for why Ballistic MQ should be purchased rather than the BG MQ.

Art Heiter
2 years ago

Yep, going to sell my 2 Shimano’s… like the power of these off the beach that much. Justin had it right when he covered them in the beginning last year. Noting has changed….

franklin valencia
2 years ago
Reply to  Art Heiter

What Shimano’s are they?

Wayne Smith
2 years ago

I just bought the BG MQ 3k and I got the wife a BG 2500. We’ll see how they differ. We’re taking them out this Friday to break them in. I found it weird that the MQ 3k spool is not as wide as the BG 2500 spool. They look and feel great though.

Neal Hagood
2 years ago

I bought one of these when SaltStrong first started carrying them & love it!
I haven’t put the time and pressure on mine, like Luke & Justin have, but it does cast & retrieve like a dream and I can cast & fish all day with minimal casting fatigue. I have used it on my Bull Bay SS and my TFO pro and both seem very well balanced for me.

10 months ago
Reply to  Neal Hagood

What size reel did you buy I’m thinking of buying a bg mq for my stealth sniper medium heavy but I’m worried about the weight. I’m wondering what size you put on your reel to help make my decision

Joseph Simonds
2 years ago

Love mine!


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