Daiwa BG MQ Reel Sizes: 4000 vs. 3000 vs. 2500


Let’s talk about reel sizes!

The Daiwa BG MQ series of reels are tough, powerful, and super light.

And honestly, the sizes of the 2500, 3000, and 4000 reels are very similar.

So in this video, you’ll learn about the size differences between all three reels so you can decide which was is best for you.

Check it out below!

Daiwa BG MQ Reel Size Comparison [VIDEO]

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Typically when people think of a 4000 size reel, they think of a bigger, heavier, “do everything” reel.

But there is not much difference between the sizing of the 3000 versus the 4000.

The body frames appear to be the exact same size and there is only a fraction of an ounce difference in weight.

If line capacity is important to you, then the 4000 size reel may be the best fit.

Although the 2500 and the 3000 size reel are very similar, the body of the 2500 is slightly smaller and there’s a full ounce difference in weight.

With only slight variations in body size, gear ratio, line capacity, and weight, this series of reels from Daiwa may make it tough to decide which one will work best for you.

Here are the specifications for each size Daiwa BG MQ reel:

BGMQ2500D-H – [Gear Ratio 5.7:1, 6+1 Bearings, 22Lb Drag, Line Capacity 210Yd/10Lb, Weight 8.3oz.]

BGMQ3000D-XH – [Gear Ratio 6.2:1, 6+1 Bearings, 22Lb Drag, Line Capacity 220YD/12lb, Weight 9.3oz.]

BGMQ4000D-XH -[Gear Ratio 6.2:1, 6+1 Bearings, 26.4Lb Drag, Line Capacity 250YD/14lb, Weight 10.1oz.]

Please reach out to us if you need assistance deciding which reel will meet your needs!


daiwa bg mq 2500 unboxing review

If you are in the market for a new inshore spinning reel, the Daiwa BG MQ reels are a solid choice.

Whether you are targeting smaller inshore fish or larger big game fish, these reels get the job done!

You can get the Daiwa BG MQ series reels from our shop here:

Daiwa BG MQ Series Spinning Reels

And if you want 20% off of these reels, as well as all of the other gear in our shop, click here to join us in the Insider Club.

Have any questions about this series of reels and which one is right for you?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Todd Wegner
4 months ago

Will the BG MQ 2500 work for grouper and red snapper? If not what would you recommend? Thanks

8 months ago

Does anyone knows about the DAIWA ELECTRIC REELS
I am trying to get either an 500MJ 600MJ 800MJ or 1200MJ
I can’t find much information on how deep/lbs for the line, any suggestions, or info I would appreciatte. 😉

Ron Viera
10 months ago

Hi have a BG 4500 has a manual bale…I have gotten use to it….it is a great reel! But I do atomic bales, which of the BG mq line of reels has an automatic bale…
….thanks and best regards to all.

2 years ago

I surf fish more than anything else. I have seen several times where you all state 20-30lb test braid is more than enough. We have caught some big reds, rays, and sharks before and felt after being broke off to use a higher test like 50lb. With that said the 4000 won’t hold much of that test, which takes away one of the benefits the BGMQ provides in being a compact, light reel if I go with a bigger version. Thought please?

Sam Petteway
2 years ago

With the 3 reels so similar, and with the 4000 weight so light… outside of the cost factor, when would the 4000 not work as well as the 2500? It seems like the 4000 has the wider range of applications and more advantages for both smaller and larger fish.

Robert Brombach
2 years ago

I love Diawa reels and I have the bg3500’s and in comparison the 4000mq looks and feels lighter and smaller, not much! But the strength of this reel is what is impressive! 26.7 lbs of drag compared to 17 in the Bg! Higher gear ratio and retrieval! And the price is 40$ cheaper in the SS store than anywhere else I’ve seen! Thanks for the information Justin , nice meeting you and thanks for the rod information you gave me for this reel!

Asner Reodica
3 years ago

So, I have a 8FT TFO TAC INSHORE Mag H. Currently I have it paired up with a Cabo 40. I use this set up at night when fishing from land in Fort Pierce. I have had success with this set up landing Snook under 40″. Even landed a 50lb Goliath. But I think that Goliath did some damage to the handle of the Cabo. Would the 4K MQ be the move for me?

Asner Reodica
3 years ago

I feel like you made this video for me. Thanks for the insight Justin!!

Mitch Fields
3 years ago

Great piece. Question: How would the 4000 do for cobia, kingfish etc and what rod would you recommend. My spinning outfit is really big and this would help me size it down and still handle fish.



Blair Minnix
3 years ago

The reels are nice and all but how can I get one of those shirts my man?! Seriously though, your knowledge and breakdown on tackle is solid. Keep these videos coming!


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