Meet One Of The Most Interesting Boat Captains In America…


Capt. Vinnie LaSorsa has one heck of a story…

He stumbled into the job of Jimmy Buffett’s personal boat captain (while only in his 20’s), he’s helped design one of the most impressive fishing boats in the world, and now he’s leveraged his success to help serve countless wounded warriors through his amazing program, Freedom Fighter Outdoors.

jimmy buffett captain vinnie lasorsa

And although his accomplishments are very impressive, it’s hasn’t always been easy for him.

Capt. Vinnie originally intended to join the Marines, but through a series of events, decided not to.

The decision to not join still troubles him to this day, but is also what drives him as he builds Freedom Fighter Outdoors.

This podcast will make you laugh, cry, give you hope, and inspire you as Capt. Vinnie shares his journey with you.

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Meet One Of The Most Interesting Captains In America [PODCAST]

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freedom fighter outdoors

What a story!

I love Freedom Fighter Outdoors and the fact that Capt. Vinnie is helping to make a difference in the lives of people who’ve selflessly served our country.

To learn more about Capt. Vinnie, Last Mango, and Freedom Fighter Outdoors, follow them on Instagram:

And if you’re a veteran and would like to go on a trip with Freedom Fighter Outdoors, you can apply at

Have any questions about Capt. Vinnie’s story?

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Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club.

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