The TRUTH Behind Fishing Rod Warranties (And Why Rods Break)


What is the TRUTH behind fishing rod warranties?

What warranties do companies offer and why?

A fishing rod is an angler’s most useful and quality piece of gear they have.

Could fishing rods break during transport?

We’ve got it all covered below!

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Fishing Rod Warranties [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version:

  • 1:55 – Why do fishing rods break?
  • 2:56 – Rods breaking within the first few months
  • 3:43 – Stress tests and packaging at manufacturer facility
  •  4:58 – Tom Kirkland article
  • 6:50 – Shipping effects & packaging
  • 8:01 – Quality Assurance
  • 8:30 – Importance of stress tests
  • 12:27 – High-sticking and snapped rods
  • 14:05 – Quality control
  • 15:18 – Where do you place blame?
  • 18:30 – Deals & Warranties
  • 22:58 – Manufacturing defect percentages
  • 24:40 – Most common ways anglers break their rods
  • 28:13 – Shear and spiral failure
  • 30:56 – Breakage due to defects
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Fishing Rod Warranties [PODCAST]

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Saltwater Fishing Rods Guide

Fishing rod manufacturers implement their due diligence and maintain quality assurance of the rod they build.

Believe it or not, most rod breakages are a result of improper use and angler error.

Be sure to look into your rod’s warranty and take care of your fishing rod during transport!!!

Do you have any more questions on fishing rod warranties?

Let us know down in the comments!

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James Kinser
1 year ago

Are fast action tips more or less likely to snap? Are medium action tips more durable?

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  James Kinser

If all else is equal, then yes. But it’s not always the case if comparing two different lines of rods.

Buford Myers III
1 year ago

How about doing a video on the proper ways to transport rods to avoid damage? In the old days, using fiberglass, two-piece rods, it wasn’t much of an issue. But with one piece, graphite rods it is an issue. They are often too long to fit inside the car or truck, etc. In the boat, in the back of the truck, sticking out a window–all these pose problems.

Strayed Cat
1 year ago

Justin, Great discussion. What is your opinion… that a rod should built correctly? By that I mean that being built on spline, either for spinning or casting. 

1 year ago

I’m retired and fish a lot. I’m fussy with which rods I like. I really like Star Rods, they are light, have some backbone and generally have a fast action, which I prefer and they don’t cost a fortune.

I normally carry three 7’ Star Rods, one for a 1/4 oz grub, one for a Mirrodine XL and one for a popping cork with a Vudu Shrimp and my wife carries the same three rods.

I have broken a few Star Rods and they have always graciously replace them under warranty. It’s great when a company backs their products.

Richard Keatley
1 year ago

I bought a rod once that literally exploded when I set the hook on the first fish – a nice flounder. Rod broke into 5 pieces and I somehow managed to get the fish to the boat with just the base of the rod remaining intact.

I had a hard time contacting the manufacturer but ultimately got them to replace it. Upon inspecting the replacement after removing it from the tube, I found a crack in it.

Bass Pro replaced it with a St. Croix for free and I’m pretty sure BPS no longer sells this brand. I thought they were out of business but just searched and saw they are still around. I am reasonably sure my rod fell in the 2% manufacturers defect category.

Alan Thomas
1 year ago

I bought my wife a St. Croix Triumph Rod and it broke on her first fish. I completed the paperwork with Pics, and they upgraded me to the Avid. I had to pay some difference, but was not out the $105 I paid for the original rod.
I love the Avid, its a strong sensitive rod, but the TFO’s I have bought are just as good for less money.

Combs Combs
1 year ago

Be careful with placing split butt in a rod holder. My favorite setup is on a Star Seagis – split cork butt SK817FT76G. I’ve had it for a couple of years and it’s my moved used setup. Essentially, the rod butt broke in half between the split corks reeling in a small trout. After contacting Star and describing what happened, they told me that it was because the split corks are not meant to be fished from a rod holder. That was news to me. I was fishing from my boat (skeeter – metal rod holders with plastic insert). I checked the height of the break and sure enough the break was consistent with the top of the rod holder.

I think I’m pretty meticulous in caring for my rods. Rod goes in a sleeve after cleaned and right before it goes on the boat. Lessons learned after breaking a few tips when transporting. In the boat, almost never in a position so they can be stepped on.

Star was kind enough to replace the rod. When I unpacked the rod, noticed that the first (largest) guide was significantly angled towards the rod tip. I didn’t think anything of it since it came straight from Star – and no, I did not bend it when unpacking or in handling. Sure enough on first use, that guide broke right at the base reeling in a fish. This was the only time I’ve had an issue from the manufacturer.

Ronald H Mattson
1 year ago

I have observed on some videos change the fulcrum spot on a rod by placing their lead hand toward the rods end. This is a absolute no no.

George Evans
1 year ago

Warranty discussions always call to mind my favorite product warranty and that’s from Power Pole. I have twice called them with problems, both times beyond their published warranty period and they have in both cases shipped me free parts to repair them. They never even asked if I had done something, if it was “my fault” or pointed to the t’s & c’s. That’s a warranty that ensures I’m a loyal customer.

I get exhausted with companies that demand all kind of proof that it was a defect and not “user error”. Rods, boats, reels, etc. are purpose built to be used in a variety of conditions and the products should stand up to common abuse.

One other great warranty story. I was in a Sears store when a guy returned half a screwdriver that he admitted he inadvertently decapitated with his smoke wrench (acetylene torch). Sears guy said no problem and handed him a new screwdriver.

Randal Jones
1 year ago

Yeah, yeah! It is so very true! Thanks! We do sometimes need to be hit right between the eyes with the cold hard facts. I think back in my life of my broken rod experiences, and then regretfully some my techniques of transporting, putting them in the boat, or even years ago in the vertical gunnel-mounted holder with the rigged inline sinker bouncing against the rod on every wave. A painful recall of my learning through my own mistakes. But I have learned and through education like this podcast, many of us continue to learn. Good idea on the “palm of the hand” bend test on my new rods and probably while still in the plastic if I can. Thanks again guys, great info.


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