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What is the best retrieve to use for artificial lures in winter?

Where have all the trout gone?

What is the TRUTH behind fishing rod warranties?

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  • Insider Reports from all Salt Strong coaches
  • Mustad VS. Owner Single Inline Hooks
  • Know Your Reel Sizes (1000-2500-3000 Pros & Cons)
  • Top 5 Inshore Fishing Lures Of All Time
  • Boat Trailering Checklist

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Boat Trailering Checklist (Safety Tips & Gear)

Do you trailer your boat to the water? Are you prepared if there is a malfunction on the trailer? See the boat trailering checklist...
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Artificial Lure Retrieval Methods [Mini-Course]

It’s lure retrieval time! We get numerous questions on “what is the best way to retrieve this lure?” The answer is…..many ways! There isn’t one...
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Mustad VS. Owner Inline Hooks (Pros & Cons)

Which of the two hooks is best: Mustad vs. Owner inline hooks? Which hook provides the most advantages compared to the other? The TRUTH is...
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2022 Insider Meetup Slideshow (E.G. Simmons Park)

Hey there Insider Members!! Were you at our Insider Club meetup earlier this month at E.G. Simmons Park? Check out this slideshow to see...
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How To Learn From A Skunk Trip [Insider Report]

It happens to all of us from time to time, the dreaded skunk. And as anglers, it is important for us to learn something from...
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Catching Redfish in a Barrel (100’s of Fish!) [Insider Report]

Time to hit the road for another exploration trip! After some crazy northern winds that lowered the tide levels exponentially here in Texas, I set...
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Power Fishing Techniques In Coastal Marshes [Insider Report]

In this trip, I wanted to keep it simple and maximize my chances of catching good numbers of fish. So the best types of areas...
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Know Your Reel Sizes (Pros & Cons Of 1000 vs 2500 vs 3000 Reels)

There's been a huge wave of people buying up 1000 series reels. But what are the differences between all inshore spinning reel sizes?...
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Inlet Fishing Post Cold Front For Big Redfish [Insider Report]

What happens when your original “Plan A” doesn’t work out and you can’t seem to find the fish? You go to “Plan B”, obviously! But...
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The TRUTH Behind Fishing Rod Warranties (And Why Rods Break)

What is the TRUTH behind fishing rod warranties? How do rods often break during transport? What warranties do companies offer and why?...
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Which Shorelines To Target In The Winter [Insider Report]

 On this week’s trip I had another scenario where having multiple game plans worked out for the best. Reds were chewing during a short window,...
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Quick Slam Exploration Trip To Redington Beach [Insider Report]

See the spot analysis details from the fun exploration trip to a new area in which I caught a quick slam in spite of Otis being on the boat.
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The Top 5 Fishing Lures Of All Time (Inshore Edition)

Want to know the top five inshore fishing lures of all time? In this post, we show you our top five fishing inshore fishing lures ever and...
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Use THIS Retrieve To Trigger Reaction Strikes In The Winter

How can you trigger the most strikes during winter? What is the secret to retrieving lures in winter? Use THIS retrieve to catch more fish...
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Locating Ideal Winter Wade Fishing Spots [Spot Analysis – Honeymoon Island, FL]

In this week’s Finding Fish Lesson, I will be analyzing an area to find ideal wade fishing spots for winter time fishing. This was a...
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