Mustad VS. Owner Inline Hooks (Pros & Cons)


Which of the two is better: Mustad vs. Owner inline hooks?

These are relatively new hooks that I’ve been testing out.

They’re made for replacing treble hooks on hard plastics like topwater lures, and in this video, I’m breaking down the top 3 pros and cons of them.

Check it out below!

Single Inline Hooks

I’ve completely gotten away from treble hooks for three reasons:

  1. Single hooks are better for the fish
  2. Single hooks are better for you (you’re less likely to get snagged)
  3. My hookup ratio has stayed the same*

*My hookup ratio for smaller fish has gone down, but my hookup ratio for bigger fish has stayed the same. In effect, this lets me catch more big fish because I’m not wasting time catching small fish.

Mustad VS. Owner Inline Hooks

Up until now, I’ve almost exclusively been using the Owner inline hooks.

This pros and cons list compares these two hooks against each other.

Pros of the Mustad inline hooks:

  • Much less expensive
  • More rustproof
  • Stronger and less likely to bend

Cons of the Mustad inline hooks:

  • Sizing is way off (i.e. 2/0 hooks are much bigger than other 2/0 hooks)
  • Less gap between the eye and hook point
  • Hard to find

Choosing The Right Size Mustad Inline Hooks

The Mustad inline hooks seem to be about 1 to 2 sizes bigger than other the other inline hooks that I’ve tested (Owner & VMC).

For example, I usually use a 1/0 Owner hook on a Super Spook Jr, but I use a size 1 or 2 when using these Mustad inline hooks (those two sizes are extremely close so they both fit that lure nicely).

The size 1 & 2 both seem to fit nicely on plugs in the 3.5 to 4-inch range.

For plugs longer than 4 inches, I’ll be going with the size 1/0.

And for smaller plugs like MirroDines that are roughly 3 inches or less, I’m sticking with the size 2 from Owner because these larger hooks from Mustad seem a bit too big.

Mustad Inline Hooks Review [VIDEO]

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fall trout spots

I’ve really been enjoying these Mustad inline hooks on my hard plastics.

You can get them from our shop here:

Or try out the Owner Single Inline Hooks here:

Have any questions about these hooks?

Have you used them?

Let me know down in the comments!

Tight lines!

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Tyson Dominy
3 months ago

Luke, you did not mention the sharpness of the hook. It is hard to tell on the vid, but the owner looks to be sharper. Did you have to sharpen the Mustad hook?

Amber Lincoln
4 months ago

Prefer the Owner Circle hooks…they are very sharp and stay sharp after multiple

Dave Mousseau
4 months ago

Have you any thoughts on the inline hooks available from Mirrolure?

Dave Mousseau
3 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

They seem to be a strong sharp hook. Plus each pack of hooks lists the type and size of Mirrolure that they are a replacement for. Takes the guess work out of it.

Pat Ogletree
4 months ago

Great video Luke!

Art Heiter
4 months ago

Mustad off the beach for sure. The silver finish adds to the flash of the lures. The 3/0’s have a slightly larger gap than the 2/0’s helping with the hook up ratio both on spoons and top water. Have gone completely away from Owner in the surf.

Pablo Diaz
4 months ago

Bought the owner hooks from the salt strong tackle store – work great !! With the split ring took from salt strong makes replacing treble hooks great

Paul dunn
4 months ago

Can’t find the braid cutters with split ring pliers in your tackle store

Rob S
4 months ago
Reply to  Paul dunn

Not currently in stock; you can sign up to be notified when they arrive.

Steven Free
4 months ago

I have used both mustards and owner inlines and I will agree the size differences are way different but both seem to be good although you are correct the mustards can be hard to find strike zone fishing wich pretty much carries everything needed for inshore fishing only seems to have the owners and I have also tried the vmcs and sometimes not always west marine carries them to me as long as you keep them sharp I change mine if after checking them they dont pass the nail drag check ( drag the hook point across your finger nail and if the hook digs in and scratches the nail then it’s usually sharp enough for fishing if not then either sharpen them or replace them) thanks for the review and all you do😉👍

Glenn Acomb
4 months ago

Luke, what size in-line hooks would you use on some of the very small and light plugs that Mirrolure (Mirrominnow) and Yo-zuri make. Yo-zuri especially uses extremely small and light trebles that are hard to figure out which sizes to use. They are so light that I am concerned that the action and suspending will be hindered.

4 months ago

Shorter shank on Mustad may mean the hook is less likely to loop over the back of the lure or get caught on the leader in front of the nose


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