How To Stop Hooks From Snagging Leader Line (With Single Inline Hooks)


Are you sick of your front hook snagging your leader line?

When you swap out your treble hooks for single hooks, it can definitely happen more because the new single hooks are bigger than the treble hooks.

However, there are three things that you can do to help it happen less.

I got sick of my front hook getting fouled up on my leader line and these tips helped a lot.

Check out the video below.

How To Stop Hooks From Snagging Your Leader Line [VIDEO]

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Here are three ways to decrease the chance your front hook will foul up your leader line:

Tip #1: Change out your front hook with a smaller hook

This video will help you decide what size single hook to replace your treble hooks with.

For lures like the Skitter Walk I was using in this video, you’ll usually use a 2/0 single hook, but by switching to a 1/0 single hook you can foul up your leader less often.

Also, I mostly hook fish on the back hook, so having a smaller front hook shouldn’t affect your catch ratio.

Tip #2: Remove the split ring

If your lure has a split rig, remove it.

When the lure is at rest, the split ring will pull your leader down.

Then, when you start twitching it again, there’s a good chance the front hook will get caught on the line.

I’d recommend removing the split ring and using a loop knot to attach your leader to your lure.

Tip #3: Use a snug knot

If the two tips above don’t work, this tip should (although it would be my last resort).

As you can see in the video, tying a snug knot will make your leader stick straight out and have less of a chance to get fouled up.

I usually prefer loop knots because they let you put more action on your lure, but if you’re fouling up your leader every other cast, then it’s worth it to try a snug knot.


When you swap out your treble hooks for single inline hooks, there is a possibility that the front hook will snag your leader line more often.

If this happens, you can use a smaller front hook, remove the split ring if there is one, or, as a last resort, try a snug knot.

Have any questions about using single inline hooks with hard baits?

Do you have any other tips to avoid getting your front hook fouled up on your leader that I didn’t mention?

Let me know in the comments below.

And if you know someone who’s sick of having this happen to them, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

You can get the lure and hooks used in this video at the links below:

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1 year ago

Just try on a mono weed guard. Easy to do if you are an old fly fisherman.

Forest Duncan
3 years ago

If the problem continues after trying all three solutions, would removing the front hook too adversely affect the lure action and hook-up ratio?

Bob C
3 years ago

Thanks! Would using a short piece of hard Mason mono help as well?

3 years ago

How about this hook style attached without the split ring? Ever try it?comment image?resizeid=105&resizeh=1600&resizew=1600

Cody Selph
3 years ago

Hey Tony is that the 4 inch skitter walk with 2/0 hooks?? That’s what I have on mine and just wanna make sure I have the right size hooks on it. Thank you sir..

Bill Bennett
3 years ago

You guys leave a lot of good fishing info. My suggestion for getting the front hook fouled less, Reverse the direction of the front hook to trailing edge as opposed to a leading point as shown in the video.

George Layton Layton
3 years ago

Great info Tony, thanks ! I went to a smaller front hook & I tie a smaller, close to the eye loop knot to prevent the fouled hook & still get the desired action on the lure.

Pat Ogletree
3 years ago

Mono leader is a must! Not all lures will get snagged using flouro but I haven’t had one get tangled up yet by switching to a smaller hook on the front and a mono leader.

Steven Free
3 years ago

Yea you did a report on this before and since switching to smaller inline hooks in the front and leaving the bigger one in the rear problem solved but still thanks for the tip and all you do

Roger Beck
3 years ago

More good tips for using topwater lures…thank you.


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