This Is How You Replace Treble Hooks With Single Hooks (Quick & Easy Way)

By: Tony Acevedo on June 19, 2019
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how to change treble hooks for single hooks

How would you like to save time, save a fish’s life, and potentially save yourself from getting hooked in the hand?

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Well, there’s a simple way to do all of that…

Swap out your treble hooks with inline single hooks for all of your hard baits.

Here’s why you should switch them out:

  1. Single hooks are less likely to hook into you (ever caught a treble hook in the leg or hand?)
  2. Single hooks are better for the fish than treble hooks (fewer holes in their mouths and less accidental gill or eyeball hooking)
  3. Single hooks are less likely to get snagged on trees, grass, clothes, nets, etc.
  4. Single hooks save you time dehooking fish

And if you’re wondering about your hookup rate…

Yes, it might decrease slightly, but the time you’ll save by not getting snagged, quickly dehooking fish, and not hooking yourself, you’ll be able to cast more, likely resulting in you catching the same amount of fish.

Also, in the video below, I’ll show you a simple tip that will help you keep your hookup rate high.

Watch this video to see how to replace treble hooks with single hooks the quick and easy way.

How To Replace Treble Hooks With Single Hooks [VIDEO]

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Pre Step #1: Make sure the hooks are facing the right direction

inline hooks on topwater lure

The front hook needs to face forward, while the rear hook needs to face back.

This will make sure the hooks have the best opportunity to hook into the fish.

You can get inline single hooks from our shop by clicking here.

Pre Step #2: Have A Good Pair Of Split Ring Pliers

braid cutting split ring pliers

Without split ring pliers, this task will be very difficult.

You can get these braid cutting scissors that double as split ring pliers from our shop by clicking here.

Alright, now that everything is ready, here’s how you actually change out treble hooks for inline hooks…

Step #1: Make sure the eye of the hook is near where the split ring starts

change treble hooks for inline hooks

Step #2: With the notched part of the pliers, split the ring to open it up

change treble hooks for single hooks with split ring pliers

Step #3: Once the split ring is open, slide the eye of the hook in the opening, but make sure not to take the hook out yet!

changing treble hooks on topwater lures

Step 4: While the original hook is holding the ring open, slide the new hook in the split ring (this will save you from having to open it again).

treble hooks for single inline hooks

Step #5: Spin the ring, removing the old hook while simultaneously inserting the new hook

single inline hooks on topwater lure

Step #6: Repeat for the other ring!


Have any questions about replacing treble hooks with single hooks?

Let me know in the comments below!

And remember, swapping these out can help save you time, save you from getting hooked, and save the fish.

Need inline single hooks or split ring pliers?

Know someone who needs to replace their treble hooks?

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Sandy Haltiwanger
Sandy Haltiwanger
6 months ago

What size/type hook to replace trebles on corky fatboy? I have read it is important to maintain weight of lure for proper functioning. What do you recommend???

John Martin
10 months ago

Just beautiful job

Bruce Somers
11 months ago

Good job Tony. Question: Have you noticed which hook accounts for more fish ? Front or back?

Bruce Somers
11 months ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Tony from what I can tell you haven’t lost too many fish. Thanks for responding

David Bush
11 months ago

This is good information. Actually, I think it’s ok to go one step further and remove the front hook completely to make the bait more weedless and safer to use. We use lots of baits that only have one hook so it shouldn’t be much different.