How To Choose The Perfect Size Single Hook To Replace Treble Hooks [VIDEO]

By: Tony Acevedo on June 5, 2019
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replacing treble hooks with inline hooks

Have you replaced the treble hooks on your topwater lures and other hard plastic lures with single inline hooks?

If not, you should definitely consider it.

Here are some benefits:

  1. Single hooks are better for the fish than treble hooks (fewer holes in their mouths and less accidental gill or eye hooking)
  2. Single hooks are less likely to hook into you (ever caught a treble hook in the leg or hand?)
  3. Single hooks are less likely to get snagged on trees, grass, clothes, nets, etc.
  4. Single hooks save you time dehooking fish

Yes, your hook rate will drop slightly, but with all the time you’ll save in dehooking the fish and everything else treble hooks get themselves into, you’ll actually be able to cast more, likely canceling out the decreased hook rate.

Now, the big question is…

How do you know what size single hooks to use in replace of the treble hooks?

Lucky for you, here’s a video explaining exactly how to do that!

Watch the video below to see what size single hooks to use in replace of treble hooks.

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Choosing the Right Size Inline Hooks to Replace Treble Hooks [VIDEO]

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replace inline hooks with treble hooks

Have any questions about what size hooks to use when replacing treble hooks with single hooks?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Mark Schreur
1 month ago

Tony, you didn’t mention which way you prefer to have the single hooks pointing. Up or down on the tail, forward or back on the front?

A. Rollins
A. Rollins
2 months ago

Vertical jigging and other metal style lures were not covered in this video. I’d like to see Salt STRONGs’ view on the proper single hook size for metals.

Brian Moore
11 months ago

FYI Fishing Block Island Sound for the summer and pulling a lot of Short Stripers on light tackle. A lot of fun but to minimize kill rate I have replaced all my trebles with singles. Just to confirm your point that hooks vary in size my rebel treble hooks were replace with a Owner 3/0 or a Gamakatsu 4/0. As you pointed out there is no standerd size. I actually found these hooks to be virturely the same size from barb to shank

Thanks for the tip. I am has be cut to less then half

Jonathan Tugwell
11 months ago

I tried 1/0 single hooks on a mirrodine xl, but it just floated to the surface. Do you have the same issue? I had to use 3/0 owner hooks to keep the sink rate the same as original, but the hooks look huge and the front hook wraps around the nose of the bait fairly often.

Gary Rankel
11 months ago

Hey Tony…………one problem with inline hooks, especially the one located nearer the lures head, is its tendency to flip over and become saddled across the back of thinner profile lures like mirrolures. I’ve had to downsize my inline replacements to keep this from happening on some lures.

Matthew Brand
11 months ago

Thanks Tony! one question, do you use the original split ring for the replacement hooks or do you replace the split ring too?