This Trick Prevents Wind Knots, Line Twists, And Uneven Line On Your Spinning Reel

By: Joe Simonds on February 2, 2017
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how to prevent wind knots on spinning reels

Hate wind knots and line twists on your braided line?

So do we!

And this cool video tip reveals a great way to help eliminate uneven line on your spinning reel (that will eventually lead to line twists and knots).

There are numerous ways that wind knots, line twists, and knots occur on spinning reels loaded with braided line, and one of the most overlooked causes is uneven line on your spool.

Here’s what happens when you have uneven line in the spool:

  • If your spool is sitting too high, the braided line will start to unevenly bunch up towards the bottom of the spool which will cause knots due to the line overlapping
  • If your spool is sitting too low, the braided line will start to unevenly bunch up towards the top of the spool which will cause knots due to the line overlapping

The great news is that there is a simple solution when you notice your braided line not being evenly distributed on the spool.

It’s simply to remove the top of the spool and adjust the washers as shown in the video.

It could mean taking away washers, adding more, or substituting for different size washers.

Note: Use nylon (or plastic) washer that will not rust or corrode. Now you know why there are washers in most of the new spinning reel boxes.

Trick To Prevent Knots Due To Uneven Line On Your Spool

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Any questions on this tip?

Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for watching.

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Clark Weaver

I guess I’m not the only one to toss the box (with the washers) in my excitement to get the new reel some action. I have a number of the Stradic 2500’s – now without washers. Any tips on where I might get some to replace the ones I tossed? I have a couple of reels that the line is wider at the top and/or bottom.

William Eastburn

you replaced a washer with a thinner washer in your video; do ever or can you remove washer with out replacing it?

Tony Acevedo

You want to have some type of washer between the metal of the spool and on the shaft to keep metal from touching metal.

Richard Devereaux

Wind knots on spinning reels with braided line are generally NOT because of washers on the reel. Spare washers provided with spinning reels are primarily to replace worn washers, not to “prevent” wind knots.

Wind knots on spinning reels with braided line (which should be infrequent compared to a baitcasting reel) are generally due to:
– incorrect initial loading of the braided line on to the spool of the spinning reel.
– incorrect casting technique and/or incorrect rigging of terminal tackle.
– very poor quality braided line.
– lesser quality reels (note Pflueger President reel in the video).

Be it fishing information or otherwise don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

Tony Acevedo

Thanks for the feedback Richard.

(Update: I haven’t had a single issue with the Pflueger Reel after replacing the washer for the line to lay even)


Fishing spinning reels for 50 years did not know this tip, use mostly shimano reels never noticed extra washers, thanks

Kat Armstrong

Great tip!!


I learned this a couple of years ago when I decided to finally invest on a good reel and bought me a PENN Spinfisher, so what I decided to do? Read the instructions of course! ? Every time before that I threw the instructions away ??

William Flynn

Great tip thanks Tony!