This Trick Prevents Wind Knots, Line Twists, And Uneven Line On Your Spinning Reel


Hate wind knots and line twists on your braided line?

So do we!

And this cool video tip reveals a great way to help eliminate uneven line on your spinning reel (that will eventually lead to line twists and knots).

There are numerous ways that wind knots, line twists, and knots occur on spinning reels loaded with braided line, and one of the most overlooked causes is uneven line on your spool.

Here’s what happens when you have uneven line in the spool:

  • If your spool is sitting too high, the braided line will start to unevenly bunch up towards the bottom of the spool which will cause knots due to the line overlapping
  • If your spool is sitting too low, the braided line will start to unevenly bunch up towards the top of the spool which will cause knots due to the line overlapping

The great news is that there is a simple solution when you notice your braided line not being evenly distributed on the spool.

It’s simply to remove the top of the spool and adjust the washers as shown in the video.

It could mean taking away washers, adding more, or substituting for different size washers.

Note: Use nylon (or plastic) washer that will not rust or corrode. Now you know why there are washers in most of the new spinning reel boxes.

Trick To Prevent Knots Due To Uneven Line On Your Spool

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Any questions on this tip?

Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for watching.

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4 months ago

Brought a Penn authority, was getting wind knots left and right . Took it back to the shop , they took out a shim ..we casted it handful of times made the line lay much better . No knots as of now , but there’s a slight concave in the middle . Went out last night got about 3-4 line lashes I could hear but no knots. Not sure what I can do to eliminate the line lash when casting for a bit more distance. It’s a 5500 , using braid 30 lb test.

Cam Watts
8 months ago

where can you buy assortment of washers if you don’t have ones that came in box with the reel are lost or gone!!!!!

Tyler Read
4 months ago
Reply to  Cam Watts

Ever get a response? I was wondering the same thing.

1 year ago

What if the line is heavy on the bottom and there’s only 1 Teflon washer? I was told that acts as a rear drag washer so I can’t remove it. I’ve done it on my Daiwa reels no problems. This one is a penn battle 2 6000

David Bush
2 years ago

Anyone know how to shim a Daiwa Fuego 2500? I’ve done Shimano reels, but it’s not evident how to do it on the Fuego.

Bill Brigman
2 years ago

I seem to have braid that spools heavier on the top and bottom of the spool, leaving the center narrower (as in the shape of an hourglass.) This is happening on several reels. Is it something to do with how I’m spooling as in tension, etc?

Donald J serratta
2 years ago

Thanks for the great information on washers tip on my reel love your great video!!

John Lantz
2 years ago

Thank You very much for posting this tip! For over 50 years, I have never had to adjust the washers on my reel, until today. I bought 2 Piscifun reels, and while I was spooling them, the line bunched up significantly at the base of the reel while spooling 15# braided line. With a quick google search, I saw your post, and after swapping out 1 thick washer, for a thinner one on the base, the line spooled perfectly. So I guess an Old Dog, can learn new tricks. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Last edited 2 years ago by John Lantz
3 years ago

Out of curiosity, how come someone doesn’t build a reel that doesn’t need shimming? As in, machine the tolerances in the oscillation mechanism to be perfect out of the box. I find most reels I’ve bought (even Penn and shimano) to have very sloppy tolerances and poor line lay! I am constantly haunted by this issue.

Michael Lupino
3 years ago

How do you stop the line from going to the top to leave an 1/8 inch or so? When I spool it goes all the way to the top, then back do you get that 1/8th ?

3 years ago



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