Strike King Redfish Magic VS. Trout Magic [Which One Should You Use?]

So which one should you use: the Strike King Redfish Magic vs Trout Magic?

It is not as simple as what is on the packaging.

We’ve caught the inshore species we target like redfish, snook, trout, and flounder on both of these lures.

Learn more in the video!!

Redfish Magic VS. Trout Magic [VIDEO]

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It is NOT as plain as saying you can only catch trout on the Trout Magic and you can only catch redfish on the Redfish Magic.

However, there are slight differences in either lure that make it advantageous to use given the circumstance.

Redfish Magic

The key features of the Redfish Magic are the 1/8 oz. jighead and the really large #4 Colorado Blade.

The way this lure is packaged and designed tells you where and how it should be fished.

This lure is meant to be fished in shallow water situations and is meant to be retrieved at a constant speed.

The reason for this is the Colorado Blade needs to have a constant roll in your retrieve to be effective.

A snug knot tied at the top of the R-Wire engages the Colorado Blade as you retrieve this lure through the water.

The objective is to simulate a school of bait moving through the water.

Furthermore, there are certain situations when this can be a better choice over a lure by itself.

If you are fishing in really dirty water situations, break out the Redfish Magic.

This system is highly effective in super muddy, dirty water.

You won’t just pick up redfish with this lure but being that it is best used in shallow, muddy flats, it is a super effective way to target redfish.

Speckled Trout Magic

The Trout Magic jighead is a bit heavier and there is no R-Wire on this lure.

Right out of the packaging, you can see there is an underspin on this lure and not an R-Wire with a Colorado Blade.

This keeps the blade closer to the bottom of your lure.

While this design does not necessarily imitate a school of baitfish, it still can appear as such.

Moreover, the design of the Trout Magic showcases the paddletail and is intended for deeper water.

This is not limited to just catching speckled trout.

Trout can be found in and around marshes and creek mouths which is where this lure is designed to be used.

By getting down a bit deeper in the water column, you can simulate a larger mullet cruising in and out of potholes and deep pockets.

You can even mix and match different colors and sizes of blades and spinners.


trout magic underspin lure

The blades and designs of these lures try to trigger strikes in dirty or super muddy water.

If you are fishing in shallow water for most of the day, bring along a Redfish Magic.

If you are fishing in deeper water, try out the Trout Magic.

These lures are marketed to target specific species but they catch most inshore saltwater fish that eat!!!

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Do you have any additional questions about Redfish Magic vs Trout Magic?

When do you like to use either of these lures and for what species?

Let me know in the comments!!

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Chris Duncan
1 year ago

I caught a smaller 18” jack crevalle on the trout magic this weekend in Chandeleur Islands. Shallower water. Caught a 30” red on gold digger under a cork. Caught a huge 38” jack on the salt strong white top water lure(forgot the name). very, very slow fishing otherwise. A few trout here and there over 3 days……lots of sharks in the water.

Anthony Michel
1 year ago

You’re always saying “deep water” vs “shallow water” referring to the lure and species. Not just this video but others too. So, what is your definition of deep vs shallow water?

Anthony Michel
1 year ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Thanks. That helps

Matt Pfeiffer
1 year ago

Good intel, Wyatt. I think the fish should pay attention to the name on the package so we know in advance exactly what we’ll catch! Lol. Thanks for sharing!

Jan Radjeski
1 year ago

Great info Wyatt. I’ll have to look through my old tackle now that you guides are touting or troutting them. Good stuff.

Justin Ritchey
1 year ago

Very well written & explained breakdown between the 2 products! Nice video Bud!

David Panos
1 year ago

I’ve had some luck throwing the redfish magic to trigger reaction strikes during dog days of summer. When they aren’t biting on paddle tails, Power Prawn or live shrimp, I will throw this to stir things up. One downside is the big strikes can bend the R wire pretty easily. Also suffered the heartbreak of a gator trout spitting the lure in a spectacular leap out of the water — but that’s just fishin’

jeff chicola
1 year ago

I have caught a lot of bass with white redfish magic in Florida and Louisiana

John Johnston
1 year ago

I really like the redfish magic with tailing reds in 1 foot of water on grass flats. Run it like bass spinnerbait bubbling the top water. Worked great this summer in port on Connor and shallow grass flats in Texas. No grunge on the lure and you can run it straight into the tailers.

Steven Free
1 year ago

While I used to use the redfish magic I now use the zman spinnerbait with a titanium wire and gold plated Colorado blade and trout eye quarter or eighth ounce jighead to me the zman has better thump in the blade then the redfish magic I also switch out the paddletail and put a gulp paddletail and now my new dirty water favorite the gulp morning glory with chartruese tail its black with red flakes slow rolled by oyster mounds in water that’s no more then 5ft deep and pitched into grassline pockets and under docks is not only a redfish killer but a flounder slayer as well don’t really use the trout magic although I would imagine in deep water it would be good because even if the water clarity is poor they could feel the blades vibration thanks for the info and all you do😉👍

Kris Jachim
1 year ago
Reply to  Steven Free

I like your setup. Where did you buy the ZMann titanium spinner bait? The titanium one I’ve seen advertised doesn’t have the trout eye jig head but looks like it has a jig head that isn’t removable. The one I saw with the trout eye was stainless steel wire. I might be looking at it wrong.


Robert Eller
1 year ago

Wyatt – what is your thoughts on changing the body to different colors such as the gold digger or FRED?

John Johnston
1 year ago
Reply to  Robert Eller

I did this to a redfish magic when the tail from previous trip was bit off. There was a pearl on it and I put a gold digger 2.0 on it. I needed to switch colors any ways. You need to super glue the head though. I learned the hard way. But I always carry super glue with me so quick fix to the paddletail from slipping backf

Last edited 1 year ago by John Johnston


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