Redfish Magic Review: Pros, Cons, & On-The-Water Footage


Thinking about trying a new spinnerbait?

In this video, I’m going to be reviewing the Strike King Redfish Magic.

This is a great lure for murky or choppy water because it has a lot of flash and vibration.

It’s a staple in areas like Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, North Florida, and the Carolinas.

You’ll learn:

  • What it looks like in the water
  • How to rig it
  • The best retrieve to use to catch fish with
  • And I’ll also show you what I don’t like about it

Check out the video below.

Redfish Magic Review [VIDEO]

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First, let’s break down the pros and cons, and then we’ll talk about how and when to use these lures.

Redfish Magic Pros & Cons

There’s a lot to like about this lure, but there are also some things to be wary of.


  • Has a quality 1/8 oz jig head with a durable paddletail super-glued to it
  • You can easily switch jig heads via the wire snap for different weights, colors, or profiles
  • The Colorado blade gives off a lot of flash and vibration


  • The blade makes it tough to cast the lure far and accurately (especially in windy conditions)
  • The blade is not very saltwater-resistant (so be sure to wash it down with fresh water after using it)

How & When To Use The Redfish Magic

This lure is best in dark or choppy water.

The paddletail and the blade give off a lot of vibration and the blade also gives off a lot of flash, so when it’s hard for fish to see, the presence of this lure makes it easy for them to feel with their lateral line.

However, if the water is calm and clear, the vibration and flash can sometimes spook a fish, so it’s best to not use spinnerbaits in these conditions.

When rigging these lures, make sure to use a snug knot.

I like to use a loop knot with most of my lures, like jig heads and topwater lures, but since you’re tying right on to the wire, you need a snug knot.

As for retrieving these, I like to use a constant retrieve and let the blade and paddletail do their job of bringing fish to it.


redfish magic review

If you fish in dark and murky water, a spinnerbait is a great option to catch fish, and the Redfish Magic is a great spinnerbait.

It’s got good vibration and flash, however, it doesn’t cast very far or accurately and can be damaged by the saltwater if you don’t rinse it off with fresh water after you use it.

Have you used the Redfish Magic?

Have any other questions about it?

Let me know in the comments below.

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2 years ago

Love this lure. Might be because I caught my pb largemouth on this and many others but yeah it ain’t just for inshore fishing that’s for sure.

Lee Chaney
2 years ago

You changed the original paddle tail to a Slam Shady It was upside down. This lure is deadly in clear water as well. It’s a deadly top water bait when you buzz it. Wind affects this lure minimally. The weight of the wire shaft,swivel,Colorado blade and the jig assembly offset wind resistance. These baits work bests on baitcasters.

Steven Free
2 years ago

I started using a spinnerbait for reds and flounder both here in Jacksonville part of northeast fl years ago and while I have used the red fish magic I like making my own spinnerbait by switching out the parts like the plastic trailer and the jighead and the blade I actually use a bigger blade size then the magic has I purchased another spinnerbait lure from panther Martin that has an Indiana style blade kind of a cross between the Colorado and the willow leaf blade it gives plenty of flash like the willow and thump like the Colorado but it has less lift while the Colorado blade gives a lot of thump when using a large blade it causes more lift and I want the bait on the bottom where reds and flounder are most of the time so the Indiana fits the bill perfectly and while the willow is great on flash its lacking in vibration that tge colorado has but the indiana has a great mixture of both flash and vibration dressed with a spike it
Glo chartruese dyed slam shady 2.0 paddletail on a quarter ounce red strike king jighead adding a shrimp scented piece of fishbites and a few drops of inshore procure fishscent it’s deadly on reds and flounder both here in my murky waters of northeast fl slow rolled by oyster mounds and or pitched under docks by grasslines it’s hard lure to beat here where I live you need sight sound and scent and that’s why the spinnerbait shines here and also why I use it thanks for the report Wyatt and all you do????

Cody Selph
2 years ago
Reply to  Steven Free

Hey Steven could you post a picture of what you’re using? I fish in New Smyrna Beach where the water is really murky and unless my bait falls on their head they don’t see it. Thanks for the helpful tip.

Gary Rankel
3 years ago

Hey Wyatt….it’s a fairly popular lure along the Nature Coast, but I’m not a fan because of the reduced casting distance. Would only consider it in turbid water.


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