The BEST DAY For You To Go Saltwater Fishing (New Tool)


How do you know what days are better to plan for a fishing trip than others?

Is there a software or tool that compiles data to calculate when the fish might be most actively feeding?

Strike Score compiles all data and calculates an individual score for how bad or good a given day is for fishing in your area!!

Check it out!!!

Strike Score Analysis

One of the biggest problems with fishing is not knowing what day (or tide) is going to be best in your area…

And to make matters worse, you’ve got to download and reference multiple apps or websites just to get all of the relevant data you need to make an educated guess such as weather, tides, wind, moon phase, and more…

On top of that, the worst part is that you have no real clue if the day is going to be a great fishing day until AFTER it’s over…

But now there’s a way to PREDICT exactly what days will give you the best chance to catch an inshore slam (up to 14 days in advance – with crazy accuracy)!

Plus, no more having to check out multiple apps and websites… it’s all in ONE place…

Even better, this exclusive inshore fishing prediction tool boils down all of the data into just ONE easy-to-understand number from 1 to 10.

1 means stay home… the bite will be incredibly tough based on all forecasts (combined with historical trend data).

10 means call in sick… it’s going to be a sick bite!

Check out the video below for the full breakdown of the Strike Score.

Strike Score Analysis [VIDEO]

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To those of you with employees, we apologize in advance if you see an increase in sick days among your employees.

And to my brother Luke…

I see the Strike Score, too, so I’ll know if you’re faking sick!


best day to go fishing

Isn’t this awesome?

This is just one more step towards our goal of helping you maximize your time on the water!

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Have any questions about Strike Score?

Let us know in the comments below!

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David Zinsmeyer
1 year ago

When I log into my salt strong the strike score is not on my menu

Bob Alger
1 year ago

There isn’t a location to click on anywhere near where I fish. Is this because we don’t have predictable tides, it’s all wind driven?

Gary Kircher
1 year ago

Can’t get it on my computer can anyone help

Michael Wilson
1 year ago

Has Strike Score been updated, or is this recycled news? The Intro video is 2 years old.

John R Gettinger
1 year ago


Steffen Sheerin
1 year ago

I found the strike calendar under the “tides and weather” tab. However, I did not see a map within that tab with a location icon that could be moved around as demonstrated in the video. This new tool should be easier to find in the menu. It would also be great to see the time of day when the fishing is optimal. I assume tides and moon play into the overall score so the time of day would be great to know. Thanks for providing this valuable info!

John Risenhoover
1 year ago

Where is the tool?

Mark Barrett
1 year ago

No link available for strike score

Ken Greer
1 year ago

How do you direct access Strike Score.

Paul Huninghake
1 year ago

I’m unable to get to the Strike Score. Mine has Smart Fishing Tides.


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