The BEST DAY For You To Go Fishing (New Tool)


One of the biggest problems with fishing is not knowing what day (or tide) is going to be best in your area…

And to make matters worse, you’ve got to download and reference multiple apps or websites just to get all of the relevant data you need to make an educated guess such as weather, tides, wind, moon phase, and more…

And the worst part is that you have no real clue if the day is going to be a great fishing day until AFTER it’s over…

But now there’s a way to PREDICT exactly what days will give you the best chance to catch an inshore slam (up to 14 days in advance – with crazy accuracy)!

Plus, no more having to check out multiple apps and websites… it’s all in ONE place…

Even better, this exclusive inshore fishing prediction tools boils down all of the data into just ONE easy to understand number from 1 to 10.

A 1 means stay home… the bite will be incredibly tough based on all forecasts (combined with historical trend data).

A 10 means call in sick… it’s going to be a sick bite!

Check out the video below for the full breakdown of the Strike Score.

Strike Score: Best Day To Go Fishing [VIDEO]

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To those of you with employees, we apologize in advance if you see an increase in sick days among your employees.

And to my brother Luke…

I see the Strike Score, too, so I’ll know if you’re faking sick!


Isn’t this awesome?

This is just one more step towards our goal of helping you maximize your time on the water!

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Have any questions about Strike Score?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Robert Bulla
2 years ago

So I guess Thursday for my area is gonna be Tarpon central….COOL !

2 years ago

Will strike score work for southern California inshore and offshore fishing?

2 years ago
Reply to  djterra

Yes, it pulls accurate tides, temperatures, wind, & barometric pressure forecasts for all coastal areas around the United States that get used in our algorithm.

Walter Abramitis
2 years ago

I have been looking at Miami score for a few days. It seems like a GREAT score is projected a couple of days in advance and then over time that score falls back to a more modest score. Is that to be expected?

2 years ago

That is all dependent on the tide, wind, temp, and barometric pressure forecasts. So the peaks and valleys of the score should flow through as those forecasts become actuals with some slight adjustments as the projections change.

Gary Smith
2 years ago

When I go to the strike score every time I pull it up it goes to Bellevue Washington and Seattle anyway I can change that to where I live so when I pull it up I’m already there

2 years ago
Reply to  Gary Smith

We’ll be adjusting how it handles the default location soon.

Gary Smith
2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Okay great just shoot me an email when you get the strike score adjusted thanks

2 years ago


Bill Clark
2 years ago

how do i get this ?

1 year ago

Will strike score work for southern Ireland inshore and offshore fishing?

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

The Strike Score tool is loaded with tidal and weather forecasts specifically for the entire coastline of the United States. We have not yet expanded it to other countries.

Robert DAVIS
1 year ago

I’ve just started exploring the site and found the video about the “strike score’ but can’t find the online app. There’s so much info here, maybe I’m missing the obvious. Thanks, Rob.

Robert DAVIS
1 year ago
Reply to  Robert DAVIS

Ahhh, ok. It’s embedded in that page, not a stand-alone web app. That’s perfect how much useful info is in one place. You also got rid of the “call in sick” commentary since we’re all at home anyway, way to keep it relevant!!! Thanks.

1 year ago
Reply to  Robert DAVIS

The strike score feature is all contained in our fishing forecast tool linked here:

Rio Acosta
6 months ago

Noticing most of your strike score are in your area east coast. I fish offshore inshore in the bay area thus this strike score applies in my area also? thanks for your feedback or any suggestion that can help me
catch some fish..

6 months ago
Reply to  Rio Acosta

The Smart Tides platform is mostly designed to help with inshore fishing.

Jeff Gustafson
3 months ago

how to pull up strike score, I am a insider but strike score does not show up in drop down menu what am I missing just signed up and learning how to navigate. THANKS

Jeff Gustafson
3 months ago
Reply to  Jeff Gustafson

I believe I found it, is it now called Tides and Weather in the drop down


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