Any 11 Lures For Just One Penny? Here’s Why!!


Have you heard of our current ongoing special offer?

What is the catch to 11 lures for one penny?

No catch at all just 11 LURES!

All of our proprietary lures can be mixed and matched to your liking for just a single penny!

Check out this latest episode to learn all about 11 lures for ONE PENNY!

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11 Lures For One Penny [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version:

  • 1:44 – Why are we running the “11 lures for $0.01” promotion?
  • 8:03 – Lures included in 11 for $0.01
  • 11:08 – Where and when are these lures most effective?
  • 13:31 – The ultimate go-to lures
  • 17:11 – Why we could not include the Power Prawn
  • 17:48 – Will there be new lure colors this year?
  • 19:14 – Completely free lure rigging tutorial
  • 23:26 – Helping you to find the fish

11 Lures For One Penny [VIDEO]

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11 lures for one penny

We know these lures work and for just one penny, how can you pass an offer like this up?

Our fishing coaches use these lures on every fishing trip and consistently catch fish in all seasons!

Be sure to get your order in HERE now before it’s too late!!!

Do you have any more questions on the 11 lures for one penny offer?

Let us know down in the comments!

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Al Clements
2 years ago

I chose the 11 lures for the area that I do the most fishing. Steinhatchee FL is uaually clear and I have found the best color for that area is pink. I chose the paddletail for the search lure and the jerk bait for the big bite. This has been a method of mine for over 16 years in that area and I have found it most affective.
Received my free 11 lures yesterday and can’t wait to get them wet. I will be using the pink jerk bait in a different area on Monday if the water conditions prove to be applicable.
Thank you Salt Strong for energizing my fishing.

Garret Boswell
2 years ago

I got a mix of the slam shady and FRED jerk Shad’s today, with some flamingo Joes in there. Super pumped about all of them. Especially the slam shady jerk shad. One question though… with it being winter and preferable to use a smaller bait like the 2.0. On calm clear days would the jerk Shad’s be to big of a profile for winter to use and maybe just stick to the numb rig. Or would that size profile of the jerk Shad’s work ok in winter as well?

Also when will these new lures for insider members be available to buy as well?

Luke Simonds
2 years ago
Reply to  Garret Boswell

I use the 5″ jerk shad across all seasons. It’s still my #1 choice in the winter for the calm days. But I’ll be ready to switch to a nub if the fish aren’t responding to the leprechaun.

We hope to be able to get all of these lures on the main store within the next month or two (getting inventory is still much tougher than it was prior to covid).


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