This Is The Best Lure For Fishing In The Colder Months

Do you want to catch more fish this coming winter?

What is the #1 lure you MUST HAVE to catch more fish in the colder months?

The secret is the Power Prawn Jr. shrimp imitation lure!

Check out how effective this lure is for fishing in the winter down below!!

Best Lure For Fishing In The Colder Months [VIDEO]

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The Power Prawn Jr. rigged on a jighead is one of the best lure options for catching more fish this winter.

When the water cools down, the fish become lethargic and hold near the bottom in deeper water.

To increase your catch probability, you want to present lures that are right in front of a fish’s face and not something they have to chase after.

The Power Prawn Jr. provides a very natural and realistic presentation to baitfish and shrimp behavior when the water is cold.

A jighead rigged with the Power Prawn Jr. allows you to cover the depths you need to catch fish near the bottom.

The most important factor when fishing in the colder months is getting your lure deep enough down near the bottom.

The Power Prawn rigged on a jighead provides a realistic presentation along with staying in the strike zone longer.

Another effective use of the Power Prawn Jr. is targeting Tripletail around crab-trap buoys.

By using the Power Prawn Jr. to patrol the outer edges of grass flats and shorelines, you can catch a variety of species on a single lure.

The Power Prawn Jr. is made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) which is very strong and lasts a long time.

Jighead Types

The round-ball Power Prawn jigheads are the perfect pairing to the Power Prawn Jr.

However, you still can use Z-Man Trout Eye Jigheads or other traditional jigheads as well.

How To Rig The Power Prawn Jr. On A Jighead

Traditional jigheads can have a larger keeper than the Power Prawn jigheads in order to keep your lure in place.

The downside of using traditional jigheads is the TPE material of the Power Prawn Jr. can stick to jigheads.

You can still rig the Power Prawn Jr. on traditional jigheads with larger keepers because of the rattle cavity within the lure itself.

If you use a traditional jighead with the Power Prawn Jr., you will not be able to use rattles.

In order to rig the Power Prawn Jr. on a jighead, as with any soft plastic lure, line up the jighead next to the soft plastic to indicate where the hook point will come out.

Then, with the point of the hook, go right down the center of the head of the lure and down towards the body to where you made the mark with your finger.

When you reach the point you marked, pull the hook point out.

Because the material of the lure is very tough and strong, you have to apply a lot of force to push it up and over the keepers on the jighead.

Once you slide the lure over the keeper, it is not going to come off.

Now you are ready to fish the entire day with the Power Prawn Jr. on a traditional jighead.

If you want to create the best presentation possible, the Power Prawn Jr. on the round-ball Power Prawn jigheads is the best pairing.

The Power Prawn jigheads do not have any keepers which allow the lure to be easily rigged and you will be able to insert rattles into the cavity if you wish to.


The Power Prawn Jr. is hands-down the best lure for fishing in the colder water as winter approaches.

It mimics the behavior of a shrimp bouncing along the bottom where most predatory fish will be holding due to colder temperatures leading to lethargic behavior.

Be sure to create the best possible presentation with the Power Prawn Jr. to catch the most fish!

If you have any further questions on rigging or using the Power Prawn, please ask me down in the comments!

And if you know someone who wants to learn more about the best winter lures, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Robert Hartman
6 months ago

Hi Jie, will this work for surf fishing.?

Steven Free
6 months ago

But of course Luke this is your own personal opinion! My favorite shrimp lure is still the chasebaits flick prawn in jelly color and if I want more weight I just pinch 1 or even 2 split shot to the already weighted worm hook and it has a rattle as well but unlike your power prawn the flick prawn is totally weedless because the hook point lays in a slot on the top of the lure but if you want it exposed just pull out the point and it will be visible to me it’s the most realistic shrimp lure out there other then the no action having livetarget that while looking real is only a stiff piece of plastic I have caught tons of fish on this shrimp and speaking of triple tail I only caught 1 so far and it was on the chasebaits different strokes for different areas of folks you got yours and I got mine

Luke Simonds
6 months ago
Reply to  Steven Free

Thanks for posting the helpful comment Steven! The flick prawn is a great lure too.

Angelo Durso
6 months ago

You ain’t kidding Luke; the Power Prawn has been dominating my hits & catches the past 10 days in Beaufort, SC. We have so many oyster beds, though, I have a personal preference for the weedless twist lock hooks (though they have a tendency to slide down the twist lock which has small barbs). Caught 6 Reds this morning

George Layton
6 months ago
Reply to  Angelo Durso

A little Super Glue will resolve the problem Angelo ! Stay on those Reds !!

Luke Simonds
6 months ago
Reply to  George Layton

What type of glue do you use George?

Luke Simonds
6 months ago
Reply to  Angelo Durso

Thanks for making time to post the nice comment Angelo! Great work on catching those reds.

Jaap van Veen
6 months ago

Hello Luke, nice video and thanks for the complete info. Possible you can also use green luminous beats for the shrimp eyes in stead of black beats. Perhaps it is better fishing in dark water. Greetings, Jaap van Veen, Holland.

Luke Simonds
6 months ago
Reply to  Jaap van Veen

Thanks for making time to post the comment. The eyes on these Power Prawn lures are actually painted on, so we can’t change them out other than to ask our manufacturer to use a different paint. Based on testing these lures out both with and without painted eyes (the paint will end up wearing off after some abuse with snook mouths), there has not been a noticeable difference in strikes per cast when the eyes are black vs. not painted at all. So I do not believe that painting them a different color will impact fish catching.

Chris Miller
6 months ago

What trout/redfish eye for the bigger power prawn?

Luke Simonds
6 months ago
Reply to  Chris Miller

For the bigger power prawn, the custom power prawn jig heads are needed because the rattle cavity is positioned too far down to enable easy rigging like the power prawn jig allows for.

Pat Roll
6 months ago

I’ve been having good results by throwing it up current in a 1/8 Oz 4/0 grip pin hook. Nothing seems to rip them off. Caught many many fish on 1 power prawn. Very resilient. Let them fall to the bottom with current and twitch it on a slow retrieve. Just another way to try it. Tight lines. 😎

Luke Simonds
6 months ago
Reply to  Pat Roll

Thanks for making time to post the helpful comment Pat!

Mark Johnson
6 months ago

If the only thing you have is Trout eye jig head and don’t like the keepers, The jig heads are made of soft lead. You can always take a file and file down one or both keepers.

Luke Simonds
6 months ago
Reply to  Mark Johnson

Good point Mark!

Martin Picciano
6 months ago

Hi Luke, I’ve thought that for Tripletail, freelining a live shrimp was the way to go. I know you’ve been catching them on the Power Prawn. Are you using a jig head? If so, what weight?

Luke Simonds
6 months ago

I have caught way more tripletail on power prawns than I have on live shrimp, so I now don’t even bother with live shrimp when going after them.

I like the 3/16th oz jig heads best. But 1/8th (my 2nd favorite) and 1/4th works too.

Last edited 6 months ago by Luke Simonds
Xavier Muniz
6 months ago

Thanks for the reminder! I have been trying a few different lure combinations and getting some success, however the Power Prawn hasn’t made it out recently… time for that to change LOL.

Luke Simonds
6 months ago
Reply to  Xavier Muniz

I hope you enjoy putting it to use this winter

Steven Balke
6 months ago

Hey Luke, great video and excellent info, as always! I was wondering if the standard Power Prawns are also good for the colder months, and if they can be rigged on the standard jig heads as well? Thanks, Steve

Luke Simonds
6 months ago
Reply to  Steven Balke

Thanks Steven! Yes, the larger Power Prawns can absolutely work in the winter too. I just seem to get more action on the smaller ones so I generally switch to them once the water cools down.

Yes, the larger power prawn lures can be rigged on other jig heads as long as they have larger hooks (like the Redfish Eye jigs from Zman). But just know that they are more difficult to rig since the material is so strong.


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