Catching Nearshore Tripletail & Cobia With Inshore Tackle


Are you interested in nearshore fishing for species like cobia and tripletail?

Here’s a little secret…

You can have great results using the exact same lures and tackle as you do for inshore redfish, flounder, and trout.

So you don’t have to get new tackle in order to do this type of fishing.

In this video, I had a blast catching tripletail and cobia on crab trap buoys using the same gear I use on the flats… I even used the same lures!

And the fun didn’t stop on the water, either.

I kept the two tripletail and had multiple delicious dinners with family and friends afterwards.

If you enjoy sight fishing, then you’re going to love this new video.

Check it out below!

Catching Nearshore Tripletail & Cobia [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used

Here is what I was using this trip:

Setup 1 (first tripletail and cobia)

Setup 2 (second tripletail)

The first tripletail was caught on the Alabama Leprechaun.

It was up near the surface and smashed it as I twitched it by him.

The second tripletail was caught on the Brazilian shrimp (coming soon!).

I was using the Alabama Leprechaun first, but the fish dove deeper so I quickly changed to my setup that had the Brazilian shrimp on a bit heavier of a lure.

It’s always a good idea to have a few rods rigged for different depths so that you can cover the entire water column without having to tie on a new rig.

After a few casts, it finally ate!

And here’s another good thing about this type of fishing — you can use the same inshore gear that you use for redfish, trout, and snook.

The light gear will help you cast accurately, which is crucial for sight fishing tripletail near buoys, and it’s still plenty strong enough to get them into the boat.


two trripletail

Catching tripletail and cobia along buoys is a blast!

Once you’ve found them, approach them slowly and pitch your lure to them.

They can be picky, as you saw in the video, but keep trying and you just might be rewarded with a delicious dinner!

Have any questions about catching tripletail?

Let me know down in the comments.

And if you know someone who wants to catch more tripletail, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Richard Fiorentino
2 years ago

Luke – Can you recommend a rod and reel and line for near shore jigging and bottom fishing , and occasional tarpon fishing?

Steve Miller
3 years ago

Nice big Tripletails (my favorite fish to eat)!! What a perfect way to break it in… I bet you will be taking that Pathfinder out Hogfishing soon (my other favorite). Congrats on the new boat and great catches too!!

Daniel Steves
3 years ago

Great job!! So jealous!! Hopefully I’ll be pulling up next to you in my Bay boat soon!!!

Ross Goldberg
3 years ago

Good Morning
Up hear in New Jersey we don’t get to see most of the species you present

Any chance you can discuss fish such as Fluke(flounder) striped bass, blackfish(tog) black seabass etc
Greatly appreciate


Larry Fox
3 years ago

Thanks, Luke. I was unaware that you could target triple tails near crab traps. Is this true for inshore, too?
Thanks again.

Larry Fox
3 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thanks, Luke!

Daniel Steves
3 years ago
Reply to  Larry Fox

I’ve seen them on the crab traps in shore also. if you can find a bunch of sailboats in an area they will usually congregate there

Larry Fox
3 years ago
Reply to  Daniel Steves

Thank you. I’ve seen a video of them hanging around anchored sailboats.

Chris Crawford
3 years ago

Hey Luke,

I check crab pots and bouys constantly but never see anything. Should I just start randomly throwing at them? Also, live shrimp tossed at a bouy would be good too Greenbacks?


Stan Mitchell
3 years ago

Awesome catch Luke! Your captain did a great job as well.

Robert Haines
3 years ago

Great job Luke. Really cool video.

James Woodmansee
3 years ago


Rod Rice
3 years ago

Great video… love to see the inshore/nearshore fishing!

Thanks, Fishing-Rod Rice


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