Best Lure For Doormat Flounder (And How To Use It To Catch More Fish)


Want to catch more doormat flounder?

In this video, you’re going to learn what the best lure for these big, delicious fish are.

You’ll also learn why this lure is better than others and how to work it to get more strikes.

I’ve been testing out different lures and how to retrieve them recently and have caught loads of big flounder using the tips in this video.

Check it out below.

The Best Lure For Big Flounder [VIDEO]

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Here are the lures and jig heads mentioned in this video:

A good lure imitates what a predator fish is looking for, so before we talk about the best lure for doormat flounder, we need to know what they’re eating.

Big flounder are tailor-made for eating big baitfish like mullet or pogies.

We know this because when you look at their jaws (see the picture at the top of this post), you can see that they hinge upwards.

They have an underbite, which is perfect for snatching big baits as they swim above them.

Trout and snook have similar shaped jaws, but redfish, on the other hand, have jaws that hinge downward (they have an overbite) that make them perfect for digging in the mud for crustaceans.

Also, flounder like bit baits because they’re more energy efficient.

By eating one big fish, as opposed to several little fish, they can conserve energy by not having to chase down a bunch of meals, and get more calories by eating a few big meals.

So now that we know big flounder like big baitfish, what’s the best lure?

A big paddletail.

Using Big Paddletails For Big Flounder

Paddletails in the 4-7″ range are the best lures for big flounder.

I’ve had a lot of success with the Z-Man PaddlerZ and Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ.

If I’m fishing in water deeper than 6′, I’ll rig them on a jig head, such as the Redfish Eye Jig Head.

If I’m fishing in water shallower than 6′, I’ll rig them weedless on a Texas Eye jig head.

As far as how to retrieve them, many people recommend dragging lures across the bottom for flounder, but it’s much better to bounce them along the bottom.

When flounder are buried in the mud, they’re looking up above them, not out in front of them, so bouncing a lure a foot or two off of the bottom makes it much more likely that the flounder will see it.

To do that, use a twitch-twitch-pause retrieve, which is where you give the lure two twitches, then pause and let it sink back to the bottom.

And finally, when choosing what setup to use when fishing for big flounder with paddletails, a medium-fast rod with a good backbone to set the hook and a soft tip to put lots of action on the lure is best.

Use a light reel with light line so you can feel the bottom and know exactly when the flounder bites your lure and when to set the hook.


doormat flounder

If you want to target big flounder, use a big paddletail.

Bounce it along the bottom and get ready to reel up a doormat.

Here’s where you can get the lures and jig heads mentioned in this video:

And now that you know what the best lure to catch flounder is, check out this video to see the best spots to catch flounder.

Have any questions about doormat flounder?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Tom McLane
2 months ago

Thank You Wyatt,
What specific jig head were you using size wise.
Is a longer shank needed for the 5 inch paddle tails?
With Gratitude,

Alan Spolar
2 months ago

Nice video Wyatt! Very helpful. Would you agree those larger lures could probably be used for larger Snook, Sea Trout, and Redfish (twitch-twitch-pause retrieve method)?

3 months ago

Thank you so much,this video was super helpful, Im looking forward to go catch some fish

Austin Moon
3 months ago

Wyatt you absolutely demolished this video man!! I love the animation’s! Great job and awesome fish!!!

3 months ago

Great video learned something new.

Ferdinand Alsina
3 months ago

Great video with great visuals! I’m a visual learner and this type of videos make it easier to hear, see and easily comprehend the provided information. Keep it up please!

Douglas Born
3 months ago

Just a thank you, Wyatt for 2 flounder yesterday(one 21 inches) and 2 flounder today (one 19 inches). These flounder have been right under my nose and I didn’t even know it. I have to say to the whole salt strong team. BEST MONEY I HAVE EVER SPENT.

RANDY Mariscal
3 months ago

great info Wyatt. still learning a lot and the salt strong guys and community are awesome.

Robert Singleton
3 months ago

Nice Wyatt, I need to try and get off of my Gulp addiction. I went thru about 25 or 30 4″ swimming mullets this past weekend, some only lasting one cast before the pin fish ripped the tails off of them.

3 months ago

So keep fishing them. Fish aren’t looking for a tail. You’re wasting baits and money. Even if a puffer chomps a half moon out of it, keep fishing it.

Isaac Watkins
3 months ago

How would I be able to purchase the slam shady paddle tail 2.0?

3 months ago
Reply to  Isaac Watkins

The can only be purchased from our online store. Here’s a link:

Vic Weinstein
3 months ago

EXCELLENT straight to the point instruction. Love it.

David Johnson
3 months ago

Well done Wyatt!

3 months ago

Wyatt, Great Flounder instruction video. Thank you

Stan Mitchell
3 months ago

WOW very nice door mats Wyatt!!! Thank you sir 🎣

Chris Coetzee
3 months ago

Joe your best tricks to catch cob please

Tom Marks
3 months ago

Super video! Great explanation how to catch big flounder. Can’t wait to get on the water… once I leave the Great Lakes.

Steven Free
3 months ago

I have already told you what my favorite lure is for flounder a spinnerbait! And because of the flash if the blade and thump of the tail and blade plus the scent I use it’s a lot better then just a plain jig it has all 3 senses that flounder use sight sound and scent and like a jig can be fished as fast or slow as one desires plus the size of the blade controls depth as well if I’m fishing deep water say more then 10 ft I just simply downsize the blade size it’s very versital but I have confidence in them maybe you dont and to me thats what makes it work so good for me everyone has there favorites and mine for not only flounder but reds as well is the spinnerbait here in northeast fl where the water is pretty much murky at least 90 percent of the year the spinnerbait shines probably not so much in clear conditions like central or south fl anyways thanks for the info and all you do

David Johnson
3 months ago
Reply to  Steven Free

Sounds interesting. What spinnerbaits do you use?

Steven Chitty
3 months ago

Great video, you guys have really hit a home run with this video!

3 months ago

In New Jersey our FLUKE (Summer Flounder) are in deep water, 60 feet and greater.
We use these paddle tails on a small jig head or bare 6/0 bait holder hook fifteen inches above the bottom. On the bottom is a sinker or bucktail which would also get the paddle tail.Most of the bites come on the top hook. Right now limits are common
Great Video

Nicholas George
3 months ago

Very awesome video Wyatt! What software are you using for your cool animations? I’m loving the flounder illustrations.

Bill Zimmer
3 months ago

Great information Wyatt, can’t wait to try it. Do you ever use any type of scent like Pro-Cure and which scent would be the best for flounder. Also, would this method catch Redifish if they are in the same areas. Thanks

Steven Free
3 months ago
Reply to  Bill Zimmer

I use procure flounder pounder scent and also tip it with a piece of fishbites in shrimp scent my favorite for both reds and flounder but unlike Wyatt I use a spinnerbait works great on both reds and flounder here in Jacksonville fl where the water is primarily murky most of the year probably not so good in clearer water in south or central fl works for me😁

Robert Muller
3 months ago

Wyatt, Great instructional video. Due to the rain this morning, I watched this video rather than being out chasing flounder. Now, I will rethink my lure selection for tomorrow morning. I was going to use invitation shrimp, but now I will try a large paddle tail.

Mack Ivory jr
3 months ago

Mack Ivory jr

Lorne Hargis
3 months ago

Great video Wyatt. In NJ we fish generally 30 to 90 feet for fluke in the bay and ocean reefs. Have you used these paddletails at that depth? Typically we keep a verticle line, prefersble drift speed is .5 to 1. Thx

Tina Roberts
3 months ago

Wyatt another great video, thank you.

3 months ago

I wish you would offer a package of the jig and suggested baits when you do these type videos it would make it so much easier to order from your store

Robert L Peck
3 months ago

Nicely presented Wyatt .. Too bad I have to wait until 2021 with Covid-19 about and state travel regulations..

Combs Combs
3 months ago

Nice video

3 months ago

Going to be fishing red dot pier in a couple of weeks….any suggestions?

3 months ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Reds….The red dot pier is on jfk mm highway heading from corpus to north padre island. Got tactics for bait would like to fish with lures.


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