The Best Way To Cook Flounder [10 Delicious Flounder Recipes]


It’s flounder time!

We recently posted a video on the best way to filet a flounder (you can see that flounder post here), and the #1 question we received was what’s our favorite way to cook flounder.

Which makes sense…

There’s something about catching a fish yourself, filleting it, cooking it and eating it that satisfies you in a deeply primal way.

Add in the thrill of the catch, a fun time on the water, plus the joy of sitting around the dinner table with family, and eating a fish dinner might be the most satisfying meal out there.

But to make sure you’re getting the most out of your flounder dinner, you want to make sure you’re following the best flounder recipes.

Everybody loved our Grouper and Mahi Mahi recipe posts, so we went and did the same thing here: rounding up all the best flounder recipes and flounder cooking tactics so you can master flounder in the kitchen.

(Note: if you want to learn how to catch more flounder for the dinner table, check this out.)

Bonus: we’ll also share some flounder filet tips so you can make sure you’re getting the biggest filets possible from your flounder.

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Best Flounder Recipes

how to catch flounder for dinner

Created by the best foodies and chefs, below are some of the best recipes for cooking flounder.

They’re in no particular order, and we tried to find the ones that were quick and easy, as well as delicious.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorites in the comments!

1. Baked Flounder with Panko and Parmesan

baked flounder recipe

Looking to add a little crispiness to your flounder?

Check out this panko crusted flounder dish with lemon and parmesan cheese.

Round it off with some rice and broccoli and you’ve got yourself a delicious, healthy meal!

See the full recipe here.

2. Broiled Flounder with Lemon Cream Sauce

broiled flounder recipe

For a quick and easy, yet delicious, flounder recipe, it’s tough to beat this broiled flounder with lemon cream sauce.

Brush the flounder with melted butter and sprinkle some old bay seasoning on it, and while it’s broiling whip up the lemon cream sauce.

The whole process takes just about 15 minutes!

See the full recipe here.

How To Fillet Flounder [VIDEO]

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3. Flounder Piccata

flounder piccata recipe to cook flounder

For an Italian spin on fresh flounder, try this Flounder Piccata recipe.

Lightly pan-fry the flounder and serve with a lemon, wine, butter sauce, plus capers and parsley.

For a fancy (yet simple) recipe, this one is tough to beat.

See the whole recipe here.

4. Blackened Flounder

blackened grouper recipe

If you’re looking for a spicy and bold way to serve your prized flounder, blackened is an excellent choice.

Bust out the cast-iron skillet and heat that bad boy up, it’s about to get smoky in here!

In about 10 minutes floundery goodness will be on your table, ready to be paired with a tossed salad and roasted potatoes, and devoured by you and your family.

Check out the full recipe here.

5. Carribean Flounder Tacos

caribbean flounder taco recipe fish tacos

Bring the flavor of the Caribbean home with these Caribbean flounder tacos.

Cooked on the grill (or grill pan) and then served with mango chutney, home-made slaw and topped with cilantro, welcome to fish taco perfection.

See the full recipe here.

how to catch flounderWant To Catch More Flounder In Less Time?

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6. Flounder Oreganata

flounder oreganata recipe

Looking for a crispy Mediterranean flounder recipe?

Flounder Oreganata is your answer.

Oregano- and garlic-infused breadcrumbs, fetta orzo, tomatoes, olives and lemon is just the thing to satisfy your taste buds on a beautiful summer night.

See the full recipe here.

7. Texas Style Grilled Flounder

texas style grilled flounder recipe

This Texas rub is the perfect, savory blend for grilled flounder.

It’s simple, healthy, and absolutely delicious.

Add some sliced and grilled red potatoes, with some grilled zucchini, and you have yourself a wonderful, healthy meal with minimal clean up.

See the full recipe here.

Catch Clean Cook GIANT Flounder [VIDEO]

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8. Flounder With Lemon Butter Sauce

how to cook flounder with lemon butter

For an elegant weeknight meal, flounder with lemon butter sauce is tough to beat.

Its crispy crust, juicy center, and lemon butter sauce is just the ticket.

They key to the crispy crust here is to use fresh flounder.

Thawed frozen flounder gives off quite a bit of moisture, which destroys the crispiness.

See the full recipe here.

Note: want to catch more fresh flounder? Check this out.

9. Coconut-Crusted Flounder

coconut crusted flounder recipe

Want a sweet, savory way to cook your flounder?

Try this coconut-crusted flounder with curried rice and sweet chili-lime sauce.

Notorious for making the whole neighborhood wondering what magic is going on in your kitchen, this is a simply delicious meal.

Served with curried rice and sauteed broccoli, your taste buds will be break-dancing with joy throughout the whole meal.

See the full recipe here.

10. Flounder Au Gratin

flounder au gratin recipe

Crispy, cheesy flounder?

Yes, please.

Baked with a parmesan, herb, buttery crust, the whole family will fall in love with Flounder Au Gratin.

Plus, it just takes 30 minutes to prepare and cook, so you’ll have plenty of time to whip this up after a day out on the water.

See the full recipe here.


kid catching flounder

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to eat some flounder!

Did we miss any of your favorite flounder recipes?

Let us know in the comments!

And if you want to catch more flounder, check out our Flounder Mastery Course.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know to bring more fresh flounder home for the dinner table.

how to catch flounderWant To Catch More Flounder In Less Time?

Check out our Flounder Mastery Course where you’ll get the best tips, spots, shortcuts, and tools to catch flounder fast!

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1 month ago

Can I just put flounder in egg and bread crumbs and fry

3 months ago

Tonight I was cooking. Flounder with butter and lemon sauce. The recipe from the link is unbelievably delicious!!! It was the perfect suggestion for an elegant dinner with a glass of Pino Grigio. The prepared fish was tender and crispy; the taste of the butter with lemon made the dish super tasty! I recommended this site, and thanks to the Creator for the interesting facts and knowledge about fishing and cooking. Bon appetite !

1 year ago

The link for the Texas Style flounder is incorrect, it takes you to a beef grading website. Nowhere does it mention the recipe for texas style flounder.

christine Merlino
2 years ago

Wonderful recipes…all of them!Caught Flounder a lot when we lived in Florida…Now back in Michigan I “have to settle for frozen fillets…But by “putting them on a clean dry kitchen towel (with a GOOD paper towel over that(VIVA is the best (as its like a cloth, instead of paper…doesn’t stick) and pressing the water out of the frozen fish) I did all these recipes “very well…I got the “crunchy crust when needed).Love your articles!

2 years ago

My husband makes crab and shrimp stuffed flounder! It’s my favorite.

Melver William
3 years ago

My very good friend and award winning Island writer, Bob Adamov claims fried flounder served at the Village Restaurant on Chincoteague Island, off Chesapeake Bay is the best but I’m skeptical. My go to way has always been meunière, but the panic crusted recipe has caught my attention. Also missing is the Chinese style, steamed with cilantro and white wine .

4 years ago

Thats a fluke though.

matthew brand
4 years ago

recipe #1 parmesan crusted flounder, is my go to recipe and is always delicious. This is how I got my daughters to eat yucky fish. My biggest critics thought it tasted way better than chicken. After they ate it, I broke the news to them that it was flounder. lol

Lara Delorenzo-Sims
4 years ago

I can’t wait to try them all! Thank you

roy noblin
4 years ago

thanks a lot joe–you done made me hungry to try all these recipes so now i have to go catch some flounder 🙂 another good report thank you


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