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  • The best (and worst) sunglasses for fishing
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And a big shoutout to Insider member, Joseph, for that beautiful Goliath grouper pictured below he caught on his birthday!

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Best Lure For Doormat Flounder (And How To Use It To Catch More Fish)

Want to know what the best lure for big flounder is? Since flounder have big teeth and jaws that are geared toward grabbing baitfish above them, the best...
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3 Tips To Catch Tailing Redfish (Best Tides, Times, & Lures)

After studying tailing redfish schools for three days, I learned some fascinating things about what, when, and how they're eating. See how to catch more...
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Targeting Big Flounder Between Storms [Insider Report]

This report covers a recent trip to Carolina Beach to target some big flounder! After the hurricane came through on Tuesday, I was able to...
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Best Sunglasses For Fishing (And The Worst Sunglasses)

Want to know what the best (and worst) sunglasses for fishing are? See why lens color matters, what the most important aspect of sunglasses are, and how...
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Weekly Game Plan Lesson For Aug 14th to 16th [Insider Exclusive]

Learn the #1 game plan for catching inshore slams this weekend based on the latest feeding trends and the upcoming tides and weather.
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Most Expensive Fishing Knot Strength Machine Ever!!!

Want to know the truth about the strength of fishing line and knots? See real data as we test popular knots and fishing line brands against each other.
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8 Tips To Fight Tarpon (And Land Them Quickly & Safely)

Want to learn how to bring tarpon to the boat quickly? By landing them fast, it's much safer for the fish, plus you can go catch more. Check out these...
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Live Bait Rigs: Best Overall Rig For Inshore Fishing (And The Worst Rig)

Want to know what the best live bait rig is? It's quick to tie, simple, and cheap, plus it catches nearly every species of inshore fish.
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Targeting Flats and Shorelines Based on Tides [Spot Dissection – Matagorda Bay, TX]

In this Spot Dissection we will be discussing tides in relation to fishing shorelines and flats close to shorelines. The area shown as an example...
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How To Rig LIVE Mullet (For Big Redfish, Snook, & Trout Near Structure)

Want to know the best way to rig live mullet? If you're fishing structure, you want the mullet to stay near the structure and attract predators, so...
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Inner Circle Live Video Lesson and Q&A [8-13-20]

Big welcome to all of our new Inner Circle members! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Important Note: If you want to get notified...
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How To Catch A 4-Species Slam Fast (Spots, Lures, Tactics & More)

Want to get a sneak peak into how a professional fisherman catches a 4-species slam? Check it out this video and see the best spots, tactics, lures, and...
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How To Blacken Flounder & Snapper (Simple & Delicious Recipe)

Want to learn how to make delicious blackened flounder? Check out these simple steps. It takes less than ten minutes and is easy to clean.
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How To Stop Losing Fish At The Boat (5 Simple Tips)

Sick of losing fish at the boat? It's all about keeping pressure on them and in this video, you'll learn what mistakes anglers make that let fish get off.
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Tactics For Catching Black Drum on Artificial Lures [Insider Report – Map Analysis + On The Water Footage]

On this trip report I will be sharing my favorite tactic for catching black drum using artificial lures. Quick Details: Craft: Hobie Outback Pedal Kayak...
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