Best Sunglasses For Fishing (And The Worst Sunglasses)


Not all sunglasses are created equal…

Some are polarized (which is a necessity for fishing!), some are not.

Some are glass, some are plastic.

Some are made for inshore fishing, some are made for offshore fishing.

The point is, there’s a lot that goes into choosing the right pair of sunglasses for you.

And if you don’t have the right pair specifically for you, you could:

  • Lose them (for example, Wyatt’s didn’t fit right and they fell off of his face into the water)
  • Miss fish that the right pair could help you see
  • Cause permanent damage to your eyes because you didn’t protect them correctly.

In this podcast, I’ve got Salt Strong fishing coaches Wyatt and Mark joining me to talk all about getting the right pair of sunglasses and why it’s so important.

We’ll cover:

  • Glass vs. polycarbon vs. plastic lenses
  • How to choose glasses that fit
  • The top mistakes anglers make when choosing sunglasses
  • The best color lenses for different types of fishing (yes, this actually makes a big difference!)
  • Our favorite (and least favorite) brands
  • And much more

You can watch the video version of this podcast below (which I recommend since we show many different styles of sunglasses), listen to the audio version by clicking the play button underneath it, or listen to it on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.

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Best & Worst Sunglasses For Fishing [VIDEO]

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Best & Worst Sunglasses For Fishing [PODCAST]

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How To Choose Sunglasses For Fishing [VIDEO]

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Here’s a quick recap on how to choose the right color lens for the type of fishing you’re doing:

Green and amber lens: good for inshore fishing

Yellow lens: good for low-light conditions, such as at dawn and dusk

Gray lens: all-around lens

Blue lens: good for offshore fishing


There’s a lot that goes into getting a good pair of sunglasses, right?

Here are the most important things to consider when getting a new pair:

  • They’re comfortable (so you’ll actually wear them)
  • They’re polarized
  • They fit your face (and don’t let a ton of glare in through the sides)

Whether you get a pair that’s $25 or $250, just make sure that you have a good pair to not only help you see and catch more fish, but to also protect your eyes.

Have any questions about getting the right pair of sunglasses?

What are your favorite shades?

Let us know down in the comments!

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Dragon Lewis
1 year ago

Hey Joe! Great information. Up here in Jacksonville we have the muddied water, would there be a big difference between having amber lenses, and having the amber/green like Tony talks about? Trying to get the best info to get the right ones.

nick maggio
2 years ago

never gave choosing sunglasses that much thought, I now have alot more to think about when buying my next pair. Thanks for the education.

David LaValley
2 years ago

Great info. Very helpful and a good reminder to always protect the eyes. THANKS! Not to belabor the point, but once you young guys start needing prescription lenses you will care less about the look and more about the utility. My wife doesn’t care if I look good out on the water as is evidenced by the sunshirts and pants I wear. We need sunglasses that will work over our prescription glasses and those are not pretty, but they work. Who sells good sunglasses that fit over prescription glasses?

Andrew Garrison
2 years ago

This was so much information about these sunglasses and very much appreciated. I’m still left wondering about Rx lenses in these sunglasses. Smith doesn’t offer them direct and one of the online vendors was offering Smith’s but putting their own lens in which makes me a little hesitant because it would be like buying a Slam Shady without the PA-POW!!! I own a pair of wraparound Oakley’s but I can’t wear them because the Rx only works in a very small area of the glasses and ends up giving me a headache but again, I suspect the lenses weren’t made by Oakley. For those of us that are near sighted, we’re used to spending a few hundred dollars on a good pair of glasses every year or two and if I could actually get a pair that worked and would last, I’m certainly willing to pay but I don’t know where to find them. Smith’s site does mention they will be doing online Rx orders soon but I sort of need a pair sooner than soon so Smith’s will have to be pair number 2. Has anyone ordered Rx sunglasses from any of the big names directly or are the lenses always coated by a third-party? I’ll keep researching but this might make for a good topic on another podcast 🙂

Stephen Gregory
3 years ago

What about polarized prescription glasses? I called SamsClub and they can do it but there is no yellow or amber lens color option. Any thoughts or recommendations?? Thanks!

Ken Buvala
3 years ago

I like your videos and information, even though I don’t fish saltwater. Today’s review of sun glasses was ok as far as it went and I understand that you can’t cover all the needs of people. However, those of us who wear glass and don’t want to spend a ton on money of prescription sunglass, due to change in the eyes don’t seem to have any type of quality sun glasses to choose from. You guys made fun of cocoon type of sunglasses instead of touching on that group of fishermen who have to use them. I see that some other people have made comments similar to my concerns. Having said all that, keep up to good work and programing that you are doing.

3 years ago

Love all the comments. Great job. Rule number 1, polarized or fish blind. Forgot your polarized…go buy cheap for the day. How to tell if polarized. Polarized is a system of vertical lines in the glass to limit the light…so take a pair that you know are polarized…like your buddies and turn it 90 to the suspected polarized glasses. It should go absolutely black. As for prescription glasses, I always pay the little extra for their polarized clip-ons to fit the glasses but I have seen aftermarket clip-ons at Walmart eye shops. However, I really like the old man overglasses to block out the sun on the edges. Overglasses have become more stylized but your trends still apply when making a selection. Thanks.

Gaylord Randel
3 years ago

I came across Flying Fisherman sunglasses that I really like. The fit is great and the price won’t break the bank. My favorite for inshore are the amber lens in the Magnum 7352RA style.

3 years ago

Calcutta’s!!! Cheap and durable. 🙂

Bob A
3 years ago

You are young guys that don,t need vision correction. I went away from Costa’s because could not make my tri-focal with a curved lense with wrap around. You complain about paying $250 for your glasses, try paying $600 to $800 for tri-focals for fishing glasses. Joe you would not have 30+ pairs. Great pod cast.

3 years ago
Reply to  Bob A

I am now in a similar position and need a good pair of sunglasses with progressive lenses. Just curious, what did you end up going with ?


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