How To Find 90% Of All Feeding Fish In Your Area (90/10 Fishing Rule)


Why is it that most saltwater anglers struggle to get a nibble, much less catch a fish, when fishing a new spot for the first time?

If you’re a serious angler who wants to become more consistent at finding new honey holes (faster than ever before), then you’ve got to see this 90/10 fishing rule webinar (video down towards the bottom with 3 new case studies).

If you’re wondering what “The 90/10 Fishing Rule” is, here it is one sentence:

90% of ALL FEEDING FISH can be found in just 10% of the water in any given time and place.

The best news is that it can all be done in just 10 minutes per trip (once you have the Smart Fishing Spot System – that we’ll give you risk-free in the video below).

I’ve got to admit, when I first heard this while reading an old Frank Sergeant fishing book many years ago, I was skeptical.

But over the years of fishing, running the fastest growing fishing club in America, seeing countless fishing reports, and even flying up drones to test out this theory, I am confident that this 90/10 rule holds true.

Here’s a quick quote from one of my favorite fishing books (from Paul Johnson who spent years scuba diving to study fish):

“In any given body of water in which I have dived, less than 10 percent of the underwater acreage has held 90 percent of the game fish population. All too often the fisherman has absolutely no clue that he cruised by some of the finest fishing areas he could imagine in his wildest dreams…”

~ Paul D. Johnson, “The Scientific Angler”

The 90/10 Rule (Simple Steps)

The great news is that the 90/10 rule is simple.

The entire purpose is to eliminate the dead zones so you can focus on the feeding zones.

The best news is that we help anglers MASTER this 90/10 fishing rule in 10 minutes or less each week.

Here are the steps (along with a quick example that we go over in the video below):

the 90/10 fishing rule

inshore saltwater fishing spots

the 90/10 fishing rule

ninety-ten fishing rule

salt strong ninety-ten fishing rule

smart fishing spots

saltwater fishing 90/10 rule

how to find new redfish spots

snook and redfish on drone

fishing time

90-10 fishing rule salt strong

The 90/10 Fishing Rule (3 CASE STUDIES)

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Howard Bladen
2 months ago

Excellent! However, I fish the Chesapeake Bay around Annapolis and the water is not clear to see structure. Any recommendations? I concentrate on tides and contours.

5 months ago

Great info Where do I get these maps? I am in Texas. Thx

Nicholas George
1 year ago

I always run into the trap of finding a spot in an online map and then not sticking with it and get to the point i’m not finding ANY spots online. What tips do you guys have for me to choose a spot and stick with it? For instance, I fish out of Steinhatchee a lot and there are a ton of creeks and spots that look productive, but I just find myself thinking EVERYTHING looks good and never actually find a spot…..what are your thoughts?

Buddy Harrison
1 year ago

One of the best comprehensive guides to 90/10 yet! excellent presentation, thanks for sharing. Good info for each of us to revisit often.

David crenshaw
1 year ago

Good day!! I’m finally doing more fishing in the Indian River on my 14ft skiff. i have 2 questions:
1) What is the best bang for the buck GPS/Fishfinder – Garmin or Hummingbird?
2) Where do I go for clear, up-to-date pictures of the local waterways?

Thanks all, and I’ll see you out there soon!

Gary Rankel
1 year ago

Why do 10% of the anglers catch 90% of the fish? Because, of course, only 10% of the anglers are Salt Strong Insiders.


Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club.

Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join:

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