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What are the essential saltwater fishing lures?

How do you rig live shrimp for sheepshead?

How do you fix your bent soft plastic lures?

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  • 2 Super Glue Tricks To Catch More Fish
  • The 90/10 Fishing Rule
  • How to catch black drum on fiddler crabs
  • Best redfish lures for 2022

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How To Tie The Perfect Fishing Leader for Snook, Redfish, and Seatrout

Want to learn how to tie a perfect fishing leader line for snook, redfish, and speckled trout? Then click on this link to see exactly how...
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Winter Creek Fishing For Big Snook & Reds [Insider Report]

When the wind blows, it’s time to tuck up into the Backcountry! One of my favorite styles of inshore fishing is to venture into creek...
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2 Super Glue Tricks To Catch More Fish

What does super glue have to do with soft plastic lures and jigheads? How can you use super glue to catch more fish? You may...
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7 Essential Saltwater Fishing Lures That Catch Fish Pretty Much Anywhere

Do you want to see the 7 ESSENTIAL saltwater fishing lures that can catch game fish pretty much anywhere in the world? Check them out here...
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Regional Tactics Lesson: Saint Joseph Bay Edition

See an incredibly detailed lesson on how to fish Saint Joe Bay in all 4 seasons including top species and lures/baits to use for them.
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How To Plan Your Day To Catch A Slam In The Winter [Insider Report]

On this trip, I wanted a bit of redemption from last week, so I went back to the same area and had the same general...
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How To Find Redfish, Seatrout, & Snook On Calm Winter Days [Insider Report]

This Insider Report video shows a great strategy for finding and catching fish on the super calm winter days when the fish can be spooky.
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How To Fix Crooked Soft Plastic Lures

Do your soft plastic lures become misshapen or twisted in your tackle box? See how to fix soft plastic lures so they swim correctly here...
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Winter Exploration Trip for Redfish, Flounder, & Sheepshead [Insider Report]

Time to hit the road for an exploration trip! This week, I’ll be taking a trip to Galveston, TX to fish during a frigid cold...
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No Plan No Problem! Coming Up With A Plan While On The Water [Insider Report]

On this trip I was out filming for a new mini-course on lure retrieval methods. I wasn’t planning on fishing since I wasn’t sure how...
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5 Steps To Find The Fish In Your Area (90/10 Fishing Rule)

If you're sick and tired of fishing the same boring spots and want to find new feeding zones fast, then follow the 90/10 fishing rule...
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The RIGHT WAY To Rig Live Shrimp To Catch Sheepshead

Do you know the RIGHT way to rig live shrimp for sheepshead? If you want to catch more sheepshead using live shrimp, then you have to...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [January 21st to 23rd]

See the best game plan to use as cold fronts push through for catching redfish, seatrout, snook, and flounder.
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How To Sight Fish For Redfish In Murky Water

What are the best strategies for sight fishing for redfish in murky water? How do you know where the fish are and where to cast?...
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Exploration Trip On Super Calm Winter Day [On-The-Water Report]

Are there secrets to fishing calm water in winter? What opportunities or downsides exist when fishing super calm water during the winter?...
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