How To Sight Fish For Redfish In Murky Water


What are the best strategies to go sight fishing for redfish in murky water?

Where should you aim your casts and how do you identify the school of fish?

Learn everything you need to know about sight fishing for redfish in murky water here!

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Sight Fishing For Redfish

Schools of redfish will typically hug close to structure at low tide like oyster bars or other underwater structures.

You want to aim your casts around the school or in front of the school of fish and avoid casting directly in the middle of the school.

By casting at the school, your line and lure will easily spook off the fish and the school will swim away.

Small shrimp or minnow presentations create natural appeal to the schools of redfish.

What To Look For

By the time you have seen a redfish, odds are they have already seen you too.

Don’t give up if you happen to spook off a redfish.

It is winter and during this time of year, the redfish will spook off but will not travel very far.

A lot of times you can wait one out and trigger strikes with just a bit of patience.

If you happen to scare a school of fish, pay attention to the direction they swim in.

Then, you can slowly begin to creep up to where they went.

Utilize systematic fan casts across an entire area to inspect whether or not the redfish are there.

Most notably, after the fish have calmed down after getting spooked, there will be signs of mudding and tailing.

Many times, if you cast where the mud is pluming up and the fish are digging around for a meal, you can trigger strikes.

Sight Fishing For Redfish [VIDEO]

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Sight fishing can be extremely fun but it also presents its own set of obstacles and challenges.

Be sure to remain optimistic and stealthy when looking for and casting at schools of redfish.

Don’t give up on a fish just because they spooked off!

Do you have any other questions on sight fishing for redfish in murky water?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Steven Free
1 year ago

Never heard of the bugs clickbait shrimp?🤔

1 year ago

Hello Richard

I see your in a Shearwater 125. I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a fishing kayak and I think the Shearwater 125 is it. Is that relatively new to you? How do you like it so far and would you recommend it to a fellow angler? Any feedback positive or negative would be great. Thanks in advance.

1 year ago
Reply to  Richard Thomas

Thank you Richard

1 year ago
Reply to  Rich

Old town autopilot 120

Bill Poletti
1 year ago

Where were you?

1 year ago

This was a very helpful video. The understanding of using oyster reefs, the season, and the approach method was very clear and provides me with an approach I will try in the next trip in our Laguna Madre. Thanks.

Elijah Mua
1 year ago

Awesome video Richard. I have struggled in sight casting to reds around the Brunswick area. The slightest splash would scatter them. Even going down to a 1/16 oz weighted hook with a 2.8 inch soft plastic seemed to spook them. I’ve been tempted lately to either paddle up current of them and wait out the tide so I can dead drift my lure down to them or break out the fly rod to make softer casts. Does that clickbait shrimp land fairly softly on a long cast on spinning tackle?


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