Top 5 Redfish Lures For 2022


What are the top 5 lures you MUST HAVE to catch redfish this calendar year?

Are there any lures that have advantages over other lures with regards to catching redfish in particular?

There are so many lure and plug options that it can become overwhelming!

What makes a lure a ‘great redfish lure’?

We’ve got it all covered below!

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Check it all out below!!!

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Best Redfish Lures For This Year [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version:

  • 3:25 – Lure #1: Slam Shady 2.0 Paddletail
  • 3:30 – Slam Shady 2.0 on a weighted hook
  • 5:57 – Different sizes of lures for different times of the year
  • 7:30 – Color preferences
  • 9:26 – Impact of water clarity
  • 11:20 -Rigging paddletail lures
  • 15:55 – Salt Strong ‘Hoss’ Hooks
  • 19:01 – Lure #2: Alabama Leprechaun Jerk Shad
  • 19:22 – Alabama Leprechaun Jerk Shad details
  • 19:58 – Best conditions for a jerk shad
  • 22:25 – Jerk shad options depending on depth
  • 23:38 – Sizing of jerk shads
  • 25:03 – Lure #3: Power Prawn
  • 25:38 – Best artificial shrimp lures
  • 27:37 – The truth about pre-rigged shrimp lures
  • 28:24 – Power Prawn Jr. or the original Power Prawn?
  • 30:55 – Fishing oyster bars or rock piles
  • 32:01 – Lure #4: Moonwalker Topwater Lure
  • 35:38 – Yozuri Inshore Pencil Popper Lure
  • 38:34 – Horny Toad bullfrog lure
  • 39:48 – Lure #5: Gold Spoon
  • 41:55 – When to use a Spoon
  • 42:45 – Retrieving spoons
  • 50:46 – But where can you find the redfish? Check out our Insider Community!

Best Redfish Lures For This Year [VIDEO]

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Equipment Mentioned:


Redfish are an incredibly fun fish to catch but can be extremely finicky at times.

By equipping yourself with the best gear and ultimate lures, you will catch more redfish in 2022!

No matter what, you always need a versatile paddletail lure!!!

Do you have any other questions about the top 5 redfish lures for 2022?

Let us know down in the comments!

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Steven Free
4 months ago

My favorite redfish lure at least in the warm months would have to be the safety pin style spinnerbait rigged with a gulp paddletail or gulp swimming mullet with a chartruese tail or at least some chartruese in the bait and a gold blade for our murky tannin stained waters have caught me more reds and flounder then any other baits combined except for the spook jr topwater early morning but the spinnerbait in spring through fall until the water temps dip into the low 60s is my go to lure slow rolled by grass lines with scattered oysters or along deep troughs by oyster bars and pitched into pockets along grass lines and under docks is a deadly technique at least for me it’s my confidence bait and every good angler knows what you use with confidence will work better then something your just not sure of but I’m talking about what I use where you guys in central and south fl live and fish the spinnerbait probably would not work so well because of your clear water in murky water this bait shines it has all the 3 things that makes a great lure for dirty water flash vibration and the gulp gives it scent and when I’m using a paddletail on it like the saltstrong 2.0 slam shady I tip it with a piece of fish bites and add a little inshore scent procure scent to it so it covers all 3 sences that fish and actually all animals and fish use to hunt there prey sight sound and scent works for me😉👍

Xavier Muniz
4 months ago

Loved this conversation! It provided validation that focusing on the key lures that are proven to work has been the logical choice for my purchases instead of spending money randomly to fill a tackle box/bag.

Question for Richard… will you provide info on the hook sharpener you mentioned?

Richard Thomas
4 months ago
Reply to  Xavier Muniz

Xavier, I have a sharpener by a Company named Lansky. – Fish Hook and Lure Sharpner, medium grit

Franklin Valencia
4 months ago

Great podcast guys! Narrowed it down to what works on your lures. I fish mostly down in the Keys…for me has been has hands down been both Power Prawns and Slam Shady 2.0 nailing fish left and right most of the time. Another thing to share…I also do night fishing during the spring and summer on bridges when usually top water lures come in play in the darkness…usually an army of Snook and Tarpons show up in the middle of the night hanging with the current and they’re usually on fire waiting along side the bridges…especially on full moons. Next time I got out there…I’ll share a report for night time fishing. Looking forward on those new hooks!

Last edited 4 months ago by Franklin Valencia


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