[The Ultimate Interactive Online Fishing Course]

Here's What You Get Inside!

Take a look below at what you’ll learn, what you’ll receive, and how you’ll be able to catch redfish all year long regardless of tides, temps, and wind.
Find more redfish. Catch more redfish. Guaranteed.


"The Interactive Redfish Formula"

Over 30 high-quality videos revealing Luke’s secrets to
finding (and catching) redfish all year long (with updates for life)
  • Luke's "How To Catch More Redfish In Less Time" online course is over 30 videos that teach you his entire formula for locating redfish any time, anywhere.
  • Discover WHERE to find feeding redfish, WHEN they will be most likely to be feeding, and WHAT lure they will be most likely to attack.
  • The best news is that the private course is accessible from your computer, tablet, or phone. All the time.
  • You also receive all new video additions, updates, and new tips for life once you are in.
  • And the course is truly interactive as you can ask questions and share ideas with fellow inshore anglers that love catching redfish.


Where To Consistently Find Redfish

Learn how to locate feeding redfish anywhere!

  • Discover how to "Read The Water" and locate new redfish spots like a pro
  • Find hidden redfish "honey holes" using Luke's special Google and Bing map strategy, making it a blast to explore new places
  • How to find feeding redfish even if you don't have a boat or kayak


When Is The Best Time To Fish?

Discover the best tides, depth, and time of day for feeding redfish

  • Get advanced tips on how to read tides and water movement as it relates to redfish
  • Discover Luke's formula for knowing exactly when the best time will be to catch feeding redfish
  • Learn how to catch redfish regardless of temperature


What Is The Best Tackle & Lure For Every Situation?

Discover the ideal lure for any fishing spot

  • Learn how to simplify your tackle box and catch more redfish with fewer lures (become a specialist)
  • Discover how to outfish live bait anglers with just a handful of artificial lures
  • Learn how to save massive amounts of money on reels, rods, and tackle


100% Money Back Guarantee

You catch more fish, or you don’t pay. 
Here is what a few anglers have to say about the course:

  • "This one video paid for the entire course as I have been wondering around for over a year and never saw a tailing redfish where I was fishing. The first day, after seeing and applying this video on how to find redfish along with the water temperature video, there they were tailing! It was awesome. Thank you guys." ~ Bill from Clearwater, FL
  • "I considered that at 66 years and having fished the Texas Gulf Coast, Caribbean waters, and several wet-footed adventures in the Atlantic, there could be little else new to learn about saltwater fishing... redfish and trout in particular. Oh, how so foolish a child I am. I believe it's the perspective gained, the new ideas of not only how, but also why, that made the difference in my awareness of the reasons that skill most often trumps luck. Having used the same old tried and true tactics for so many years, I just accepted the same old results... Good days and bad days with little change in either, and unquestioned acceptance of both. Within just a few brief minutes of the course, I became very aware of what I knew but had discounted over the years... I gained a different and newer perspective. This course has paid for itself already and so obviously will continue to reap returning dividends with each trip to the water. Thanks guys, I really appreciate the effort you put into this course." ~ James U. from Tallahassee, Florida
  • "Hey Luke. Great material here! Worth every penny. I'm relatively newer to inshore fishing and I especially love redfishing. So far, I really like the info on when, where, and why redfish can be found. The tackle set up and favorite lures was very helpful too. I introduced your course to a friend and he is equally pleased with the vast amount of information for the price. Thanks!" ~ Jay Waid, Florida


Normally $300 - Today Only $97


If you buy today, we’ll throw in the following bonuses for FREE so you start finding new redfish spots even quicker!

Luke's "One BIG Redfish Secret" Video

This is the video that some anglers have said they would gladly pay $500 for by itself. It’s 20 minutes of discovering the true biology of redfish and exactly why the feed at certain places during certain times of the year. No one has ever taught something like this public!

Kayak Fishing Tips (For Redfish)

Get Luke’s top tips for kayak fishing for reds (Multi-videos)

Sight Fishing Tips

Get Luke’s private video on how to maximize your sight casting chances for redfish.

Paddleboarding For Redfish

Watch as Luke shows you his best tips for pursuing redfish on a stand up paddleboard.

Fishing In Windy Conditions

Get Luke’s personal tips on how to correctly position and manage a boat, kayak, or paddle board in windy conditions.

Wade/Shore Fishing For Redfish

Don’t have a boat? No worries. You’ll get to see how Luke finds and catches fish from the shore.

How To Fish Docks

A special video lesson on how to fish docks like a pro for redfish.

How To Fish Mangroves

Even though this course is created for anglers all the way from Texas to North Carolina, if you ever spend time in Florida, you will want to see this. Great tips for catching redfish in mangrove trees.

How To Fish Oyster Bars (Plus Drone Footage)

Knowing exactly how to fish for redfish around oyster bars can make or break your day. You’ll get to see exactly how Luke approaches an oyster bar from two views – the boat and the drone (aerial footage).

How To Tie Your Own Redfish Bucktail Jigs

Luke shows you all of the exact steps to tying your own redfish jigs. There is nothing like catching a nice red on a lure that you made by hand.

Updates For Life!

Get every single video update or addition ever made to this interactive fishing course free for the rest of your LIFE. This is the last Redfish course you will ever need.


Normally $300 - Today Only $97