The RIGHT WAY To Rig Live Shrimp To Catch Sheepshead


How should you be rigging your live shrimp to catch sheepshead?

What common mistakes to people make when rigging live shrimp?

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How To Rig Live Shrimp For Sheepshead

The assembly of this rig is simple and you need only a few pieces of gear.

You need a small 1/16 oz. bullet weight and a 1/0 octopus inline hook.

How To Hook The Shrimp

For this rig, you are inserting the hook through the head of the shrimp.

First, carefully tear off the tail of the shrimp because it adds scent to attract the sheepshead to the bait.

Then, take your octopus inline hook and hook it just underneath the front horn of the shrimp on its head.

There is a clear spot just underneath the top horns on the shrimp where you want to put the hook.

Be careful not to be too far back in the darker area of the head because that will kill the shrimp.

Where To Place Your Shrimp

The main key to fishing for sheepshead with live shrimp is keeping that shrimp as close as possible to the structure itself.

Ideally, you want your bait right where pilings bend and the current is sweeping around them.

When fishing with live bait, you want your bait to drift with the current into the structure.

If you can’t set yourself up in that perfect scenario, then it is best to get up as close as possible to the structure you are fishing.

Maintain the tension on your line and wait to feel that bite from a sheepshead.

If you are using a circle hook, you DO NOT want to set the hook aggressively.

Instead, you need to just reel up and fast to let the hook set itself in corner of the fish’s mouth.

How To Rig Live Shrimp For Sheepshead [VIDEO]

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catch sheepshead in the summer

This is a fantastic time of year to target some pilings and underwater structures for sheepshead that may be holding close.

Live shrimp or artificial shrimp and crustacean lures are an excellent way to hook up with sheepshead hugging structure.

Be sure to get up and close to the pilings where the sheepshead will likely be hanging around!

Do you have any more questions about live shrimp fishing for sheepshead?

Let me know down in the comments!

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P.S. – Want to catch big, good-eating, and feisty sheepshead with live bait or artificial lures, near pilings and underwater structure? Check out our Sheepshead Mini-Course.

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John Cherry
1 year ago

Thanks for that info. Learned something new already.

2 years ago

Good catch thank you for the information you shared…

Roy Sledjeski
2 years ago

Nice sheepshead Wyatt! I enjoyed meeting you and talking wade fishing at the Salt Strong meet-up in Ruskin last Saturday. I used the rigging technique in your video wade fishing docks yesteday and landed a nice 28 inch redfish. We had air temp’s in the 50’s yesterday morning and I think breaking the tail off the shrimp added enough scent to trigger the strike since it was a slow bite. Thanks again for the rigging tip.

Mario Relvini
2 years ago

Great work Wyatt! Those sheepshead are on steroids and plenty of them too! I would have never suspected so many big ones in that location.

Gerald Dexter
2 years ago

Thanks Wyatt!

Tom Bowden
2 years ago

When is it best to hook behind the horns and when is best to hook through tail? There are other videos with Salt Strong that shows hooking through pinched off tail.

Everett Eugenio
2 years ago
Reply to  Tom Bowden

Hey Tom,

I was actually on this trip and was using shrimp rigged through the tail like you asked. The reason I rigged that way is because I was already tied up and ready to go with jig heads. When using jig heads through the tail is my favorite way to use the live shrimp, but if I was using a circle hook like Coach Wyatt then I also would have been going under the horn like he showed here. One benefit you have by using the circle hook is that you don’t really need to set the hook.

Hope this helps, I’m sure Wyatt will also have his own input here!

Rick Daniel
2 years ago

Hi Wyatt,
Nice job! Did you already know sheepies would be there or were you trying various structures known to hold sheepshead?

Matthew Stevens
2 years ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Awesome tip, never thought of pulling off the tail. Can’t seem to find the insider report for this one though.

Matthew Stevens
2 years ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Awesome! Thank you.

2 years ago

Nice sheepy there! What test line do you use and do you bother with a leader if you use braid? I would guess 10-15# braid with maybe a 20# leader would suffice but not sure if that’s over doing it.

Anthony Gruber
2 years ago

Great Video Coach Wyatt!!


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