Live Bait Fishing Tips

How To Effectively Fish In Marsh Creeks [Fishing Report]

Get rid of old habits and start to effectively fish marsh creeks!! This entire trip was centered around fishing creek systems during a...
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What To Do When The Bite Slows Down

What should you do when the bite slows down?? Do you pick up and leave to go fish somewhere else? Or should you stick around and try...
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Drone Captures Popping Cork Feeding Frenzy at Bay Flats Lodge

Last month down in Texas at the Bay Flats Lodge, my drone captured a Popping Cork Feeding Frenzy! Our entire experience at Bay Flats Lodge...
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Live Shrimp VS Power Prawn USA In The Fall [Fishing Report]

Live shrimp vs Power Prawn USA - what wins in the fall??? Fishing Coach Matt Lanier and I hit the water together not too long ago and got...
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Fishing Bridges With Live Shrimp In The Fall [Fishing Report]

If you don't know where the fish are and you're just looking for some tight lines, then start by fishing bridges with live shrimp!!...
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Circle Hooks VS J-Hooks (What Should You Use With Live Bait?)

Circle hooks vs J-hooks - when should you choose one over the other? Both of these hooks are best used when fishing with live bait, but...
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How To Throw A Cast Net For Live Bait (Beginner Lesson)

Have you ever thrown a cast net for live bait before?? What's the best method for beginners? Going out to find and use your own live bait...
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Did We Just Catch A State Record? (Three Coaches On One Boat)

"Did we just catch a state record fish?" Fishing Coaches Richard Thomas, Matt Lanier, and I all hit the water together for some exciting...
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Using Live Shrimp To Find The Trends [Fishing Report]

Have you ever used live shrimp to find the trends before?? Especially during the fall amid cold fronts, live shrimp is a great way to...
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How To Keep Shrimp Alive Longer

This video is all about how to keep shrimp alive longer so you catch more fish and save money! All too often, the live shrimp you either...
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How To Find And Cast Net Your Own Shrimp

This is how you can find and cast net your own shrimp. Sure, it's easier to go to a live bait shop and pick up shrimp. But...
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How To Catch Fish In A New Area With Popping Corks [Fishing Report]

It's THIS easy to catch fish in a new area with popping corks!!! Popping corks are so useful and extremely handy on inshore fishing trips...
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Fishing Bridges With Shrimp [Insider Report]

On this week’s trip, I went in with 2 game plans just in case one didn’t work out. It is always ideal to have a...
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The Secret Bait To Catch BIG Redfish And Trout

We discovered the SECRET bait to catch BIG redfish!! Last week, Luke and I had the chance to stay at Bay Flats Lodge in Texas and fish...
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Typical Mistakes When Rigging Live Or Dead Cut Bait

Time and again, fishermen make these same mistakes when rigging cut bait. You'll only cost yourself more on bait and you'll lose out on...
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