Live Bait Fishing Tips

Red Snapper Cheat Sheet

It’s Red Snapper Time! The season is coming up soon for a lot of us, so what better time to start getting prepared! Below you...
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Inner Circle Live Q&A 5-20-21 [Live Bait Q&A]

We had a great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log: 00:57 – Artificial’s in Marsh areas 02:55...
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Best Live Bait Rigs For Inshore Fishing (To Rig Shrimp, Pinfish, Mullet)

Want to catch more fish on live bait? These rigs will help you present your bait naturally and get more strikes. Just be sure to never...
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How To Properly Cast and Fish Mangrove Shorelines [w/Capt Peter Deeks]

Mangrove shorelines are one of the most obvious places for inshore fish to hold. They provide adequate structure and cover for bait to hide, and...
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Top 3 Shrimp Rigging Mistakes (You’re Probably Making)

Are you making this deadly mistakes when fishing with shrimp? If you want to catch more fish with live shrimp, then don't rig them in the...
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The Easiest Way To Catch Loads Of Live Bait On The Flats

Do you want to see one of the quickest ways to have tons of live bait (pinfish and whitebait) coming right up to your boat? Watch this!
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Best Saltwater Fishing Chum (For Whitebait, Pinfish, & Greenbacks)

Want to catch an endless supply of baitfish? Check out this new saltwater fishing chum, Blackout Chum, and see it put to the ultimate test.
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Easy Way To Rig LIVE SHRIMP For Monster Black Drum

Want to catch monster black drum? See how to rig live shrimp for them, and avoid these common mistakes that waste money and keep you from...
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How To Catch Mud Minnows In A Minnow Trap (Best Baits & Spots)

Want to see an easy way to catch a ton of mud minnows? Check out this video and learn where to put a minnow trap, what bait to use, and...
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Bridge Fishing Secrets (How To Chum Up Fish Right To Your Boat)

Want to catch endless snapper and grouper under bridges? See how professional guides chum up and catch fish, learn what baits to use, and...
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2 Ways To Rig FROZEN SHRIMP For Reef Fishing

Want to catch more fish while reef fishing? Check out the best way to rig frozen shrimp so they catch more fish and don't fall of the hook.
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How To Fish Docks With Live Shrimp Rigged Weedless

Want to catch more fish under docks with shrimp? Getting snagged when fishing docks is a common problem, but if you Texas rig them, then...
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How To Catch Redfish With Mud Minnows Rigged On A Jig Head

Want to see how to catch overslot redfish with mud minnows on a jig head? It's a simple approach and it's great for wintertime because...
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How To Stop Gut Hooking Fish With Circle Hooks (2 Tips)

Are you gut hooking fish, even though you're using circle hooks? There are two reasons that likely happens. You're either using the wrong...
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6 Tips To Keep Your Bait Alive Longer (And Catch MORE FISH)

Want to learn how to keep your bait alive longer, while also keeping it livelier? Lively bait attracts hungry fish, and if you have a...
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