Redfishing With Live Mullet [Ultimate Redfish Course Sneak Peek!]

Redfishing with live mullet is one of the best ways to get on INSANE bites!

Finger mullet are typically wherever redfish are and redfish have been feeding on them their entire lives.

This is why it can be such a reliable bait when targeting redfish!

Redfishing With Live Mullet [VIDEO]

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There are THREE main ways to fish with finger mullet:

  1. Live and tail-hooked
  2. Live and nose-hooked
  3. Cut-bait

These techniques also apply to fishing with pogeys, menhaden, etc.

1. Live & Tail-Hooked

A 30lb fluorocarbon leader attached to a 4/0 circle hook is all you need to start this rig.

Slide the hook right through the top of the body about an inch from the tail.

This technique is excellent for freelining bait over a large flat.

It can also be effective when dock fishing, sight fishing, or anywhere the water is shallower than 3 feet.

A redfish’s mouth is hinged downward so they don’t prefer to swim up to eat live bait.

You can put slight pressure on the mullet with this rig to keep them slow and on the bottom.

2. Live & Nose-Hooked

If you’re sight fishing for redfish, nose-hooking them is a great approach.

You can drag it alongside your boat or in the water next to you if you’re wading and pitch it out where you see fish.

Another thing to take note of is your hook choice.

If you’re sight fishing in heavier current, a 1/8 oz. jighead will work best.

If you’re fishing over a flat without much structure, then a knocker rig will do the trick.

Heavy current situations where you need the bait down on the bottom.

If you’re fishing in shallow water and need the bait to remain stationary in one place, this is my go-to rig.

A few feet of fluorocarbon leader with an egg sinker attached to a swivel connected to 12 inches of leader ending in a 4/0 circle hook.

Hook the bait below the tail on the underside of the body.

Cast it out and that bait will stay in one spot fighting against the weight.

Eventually, a redfish will come along and eat it.

Let me know if you have any questions down below!!


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William (Bill) Krenek
8 months ago

Thanks 🎣🐟

Harry Ray
8 months ago

Nice job! This is our favorite go-to when targeting Redfish. A tried and true technique.

Jeffrey M Chewning
8 months ago

Great tips! In SC we call that setup a Carolina Rig but I’m not gonna sweat over it!! Caught more Reds on that than all others combined. Works great with live and fresh local shrimp too! I missed the part where you talk about cut mullet! 🤭

Wilfred Smith
7 months ago

Also in SC, but they call that a Carolina Rig everywhere. A Knocker Rig is when the egg goes all the way to the hook… again, everywhere. Tony is not just one of the best at Salt Strong, but one of the best on YouTube:

Wilfred Smith
7 months ago
Reply to  Wilfred Smith

Dang. Lol. Even Tony is wrong sometimes… just realized he calls a Carolina Rig a Fish Finder rig. Oh well… no one is perfect I guess.

Ahmad Aghar
8 months ago

Thanks for the tips!

Lee Howell
8 months ago

Too bad NC just put a ban on using striped mullet as bait.

Donny Buchholz
8 months ago
Reply to  Lee Howell

When did this ban go in effect?

Wilfred Smith
7 months ago
Reply to  Donny Buchholz

Didn’t yet.

Jensen Caudle
8 months ago
Reply to  Lee Howell

Only in Nov-Dec

Mario Relvini
8 months ago

Looking forward to the rest of this course! Lots to learn from Capt. Deeks!

Joseph Lucas
8 months ago

Wow. Refreshing to see you guys talking to us live bait guys. I know there is more money in your artificials but reality is….. My success rate with live bait is way better than artificial.

John Buckner
8 months ago

Thank You for showing this video. Never fished salt water with a what we call a Carolina rig.

Rex Jones
8 months ago

I’ve have had great sit with pin fish. One thing I usually do is trim the tail one the pin fish so it can swim fast and makes it look injured.

Bob Mceneaney
8 months ago

When casting the fish finder rig with weight and swivel the bait often separates from the weight. The weight doesn’t go far but the bait flies far out. How to prevent that?

Chris Allen
8 months ago
Reply to  Bob Mceneaney

Cast at a 45degree angle


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