Rigging Baitfish

Here’s our full library of tips on rigging different species of baitfish!

3 Ways To Rig Live Mullet For The Best Presentation

Do you want to catch huge fish on live mullet? There are many ways to rig live mullet but if you don't put the hook exactly in this...
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How To Make & Rig Bonita Strips To Catch Big Sharks

Don't throw that Bonita back if you see sharks lurking around!! Bonitas can make great bait for big fish but you must know how to...
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Freelining Mullet in Heavy Current [Underwater Analysis]

It’s mullet time! Rigging baitfish properly is key to getting the right presentation to entice a fish to strike. In this video from Capt. Peter...
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3 Things You Need To Know When Using Live Pinfish On Grass Flats

Do you fish with live pinfish on grass flats? If you want to catch more trout, redfish, and snook, here are some quick tips to catch a...
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