THIS Is The Best Live Bait For Flounder Fishing


Have you uncovered the best live bait for flounder yet?

If you want to catch more flounder using live bait this summer, then you’ve got to start using THIS type of bait!

Learn what it is below!!

Best Live Bait For Flounder [VIDEO]

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On this particular trip, I was out fishing with my Dad in an isolated area that gets closed off at low tide.

We positioned ourselves with the intent to wait for the incoming tide when clean water and bait move through the area.

Also, we used lures on this trip but had other rigs set up for fishing live mud minnows under slip floats.

During low tide, we mainly target flounder that are holding in the shallows.

As the tide rises, that is when more trout and redfish will be around to cast to.

Low tide stages are an excellent time to target flounder.

Flounder are notorious for staging near chokepoints and ledges with depth changes, especially during an incoming tide.

All the bait and water coming in with the tide have to pass around chokepoints, which makes them the ideal spot to set up and target flounder.

They are ambush predators and will sit in holes at the bottom waiting to pick off bait swimming by.

Bait Rig

On this trip, my Dad used a modified Carolina Rig with a mud minnow on the end of it.

This is a very simple rig that you can just pitch out there and wait at the bottom for a bite.

As far as the rig I was using, I used a simple slip float rig setup.

At the top of your system will be your nail knot that contains the entire setup.

Right after that, I put a small bead on the system to protect the knot from the slip float.

It also keeps the entire system in place and stops it from moving far up the mainline.

Moving down the line, you have another bead after the slip float protecting it from the weight.

I use a standard 1/2 oz. trolling sinker.

Then connecting to the sinker, I have about 14 inches or so of leader line connected to the hook.

This is a very simple setup that is perfect for fishing tidal creeks with moving current.

Rigging Finger Mullet

The perfect size finger mullet is roughly 3-4 inches.

If you ever have the opportunity to cast net finger mullet near you, go ahead and give it a try.

As far as rigging finger mullet on a hook, you want to insert the hook point just below the mullet’s bottom lip and feed it up and out the top lip.

Now, you’ve got the best live bait for flounder all rigged up.

This is also an excellent bait for catching trout, redfish, snook, black drum, and more.

Rod & Reel Setup

The rod I prefer to use with this slip float system is the TFO Professional 7′ Medium Rod.

This is a versatile, do-it-all kind of fishing rod that bridges the gap between being a live bait rod or an artificial lure rod.

The tip on this rod is flexible enough to throw artificial lures all day and the backbone of it is strong enough to put some heat on fish if needed.

If you do choose to fish a heavier slip float system, then this rod can handle it.

I like to throw both live bait and artificial lures so this rod helps me get the best of both worlds.

As far as reels go, the Daiwa BG MQ 3000 is the ideal reel for this outfit.

The Daiwa BG MQ is super lightweight and extremely strong.

It is light enough to throw artificial lures all day and it has the strength to pull bigger fish away from heavy structure.

Additionally, I spool my reel up with 15lb PowerPro braided line.

PowerPro is my go-to but usually in 10lb so the reason for switching to 15lb is because of going back and forth between artificial lures and live bait.

You want to make sure you are covered if you have to pull a big fish out of intrusive structures.


best live bait rig for spring fishing

During low points of the tide cycle, it can be a great idea to throw on a slip float with a finger mullet or mud minnow for some doormat flounder!

Flounder fishing is all about positioning and patience.

Focus on putting yourself in the best place to cast towards flounder as the tide rolls in.

Do you have any more questions about the best live bait for flounder fishing?

Let me know what you think of this slip float system down in the comments!

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alvin mangin
1 month ago


William Emery
25 days ago
Reply to  alvin mangin

How long will they last would kilyl minnow be better

Wyatt Parcel
10 months ago

Awesome info Richard! I knew this was going to be a killer video when I saw the crocs on the stern…. haha!

Jean Long-Thomason
10 months ago

Great tips for catching flounder. Thanks Richard

greg lanier
10 months ago

Hey Richard thanks for all your advice and shared experience on and off the water. I have used slip floats before for fresh water and I understand the same principles go for saltwater too but after watching the video and having a closer look at your float rig I noticed that it’s pretty big and long and then I noticed that I have some almost the same that I bought years ago but still in plastic, I pretty much have a tackle collection that’s ridiculous and way too much practicality a store that I call my office lol but anyway the ones I have are weighted on one end so do you use weighted floats or non weighted? I don’t even remember why I bought these probably striper fishing with live bait These are 8” long and still in the bag with the beads and slip knot stopper. I guess it doesn’t matter if they are weighted or not but just figured I’d ask anyway. Thanks

Bill Kraeling
10 months ago

Richard, great having you local here in SAV. Fishing here is much different than in FL gulf, nature cost and Atlantic side. Our tides make you adjust everything from gear to terminal tackle. Tide swings are the big difference. Look forward to your insights, reports and tips on how to further master our SAV backyard.

James Rogers
10 months ago

Thanks Richard, your lessons help so much. Bless you Brother

Christopher Lento
10 months ago

Thx. Great tutorial.

Joseph Gill
10 months ago

Richard, thanks for the great video. Odd question. What brand sun glasses were you wearing? They seemed to wrap around nicely eliminating side glare. What color lenses did you use for inshore and do you know if they can be made to match a prescription? Again… many thanks.

Roman Kielbowicz
10 months ago

Nice vid Richard! Can you tell me about that modified Carolina rig your dad was using?


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