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Check out our best tips on how to catch, rig and use live bait below:

Fresh Dead VS Frozen Mullet [What Will Get More Bites?]

Will fresh dead mullet or frozen mullet trigger more bites? I picked up the freshly dead mullet at a bait shop and got those on...
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#1 Rig For Beginner Anglers New To Saltwater Fishing

Are you a beginner to saltwater fishing? Or want to introduce someone else to the world of fishing? If so, I'll show you the #1 rig for...
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Underwater Mysteries: Journey Below The Bridge For Unreal Views!

Don't miss these underwater views! So much life is starting to show up below the bridges! I dropped a camera down beneath a bridge...
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How To Prep & Rig Clams For Surf Fishing

Capt. B is back to show us how to rig clams for surf fishing! This is the EASY and QUICK way to crack them open and get them on a hook.
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Non-Stop Surf Fishing Action While Your Questions Are Answered!

Once again I hit the beach with Capt. B to crush fish from the surf! Not only that, but we also asked him all the...
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Stealthy Tactics To Rig Live Shrimp For More Strikes!

This tutorial is all about how to rig live shrimp for more strikes! I find that too much gear or the wrong weight can ruin your shrimp...
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How To Catch Your Own Fiddler Crabs In The Winter

Fiddler crabs are one of the BEST baits in the wintertime. Especially if you're going after sheepshead! Here's how to catch your own!!
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Underwater Bait Analysis [Cut Bait VS. Fiddler Crabs VS. Shrimp]

You can learn A LOT from analyzing underwater footage. Especially when you present different baits. In this video, I dropped fiddler crabs, cut bait, and...
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Beginner Tactics For Catching Mullet With A Cast Net

What are the best tactics for catching mullet with a cast net? Live mullet is one of the best baits for reeling in redfish, seatrout, snook...
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Sight Fishing Mangrove Shorelines With Live Shrimp

Sight fishing with LIVE SHRIMP! This is a fun approach to cruise down mangrove shorelines looking for fish poking their heads out...
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#1 Shrimp Rig To Get Instant Tight Lines No Matter Your Skill Level

This is the BEST shrimp rig to get instant tight lines no matter your skill level. If you want to catch A LOT of fish and multiple species...
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#1 All Around Live Bait Rig For Any Situation or Bait

THIS is the best all-around live bait rig for ANY situation and with any bait! No matter the target species, this rig will get the...
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Super Simple Shrimp Rig To Catch Live Bait

Fill up the live well with this super simple shrimp rig to catch live bait! Or if the day is going slow, this is sure to get some tight...
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Successful Strategies For Sightfishing With Cut-Mullet

Do you need anything special to catch fish while sightfishing with cut-mullet? What should you do to get strikes?...
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It’s THIS Easy To Catch Live Baitfish Using Baitmasters Chum!

This is how EASY it is to catch live baitfish using Baitmasters Chum! Whether you're trying to catch pinfish, whitebait, grunts, or...
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