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Check out our best tips on how to catch, rig and use live bait below:

Typical Mistakes When Rigging Live Or Dead Cut Bait

Time and again, fishermen make these same mistakes when rigging cut bait. You'll only cost yourself more on bait and you'll lose out on...
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How To Rig The Best Baits For Sheepshead Fishing

Last week we discussed the TOP 3 baits and in this video, we'll talk about how to rig the best baits for sheepshead! Below, you'll learn...
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Shrimp VS. Mullet (What’s The Best Bait For Each Inshore Species?)

Shrimp VS Mullet. Which is better? Which is the best bait for each species of inshore saltwater fish? Find out more here!!...
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How To Catch Black Drum Using THIS Simple Shrimp Rig

Here's how to catch black drum using THIS super simple shrimp rig! If you happen to stumble upon a school of black drum or if you are...
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Top 3 Types Of Bait For Targeting Sheepshead

What is your go-to bait for targeting sheepshead? Sheepshead are starting to show up again in mid-Atlantic waters!!...
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Engel Rechargeable Live Bait Cooler & Aerator Review

In this video, I'll be reviewing the new Engel Live Bait Cooler and Rechargeable Aerator! It is super convenient to have a rechargeable...
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Here’s When Shrimp Lures BEAT Live Shrimp

THIS is when shrimp lures beat live shrimp!!! The Power Prawn USA continues to prove itself as one of the, if not the, best shrimp lures...
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THIS Is The Best Live Bait For Flounder Fishing

Have you uncovered the best live bait for flounder yet? If you want to catch more flounder using live bait this summer, then you've got to...
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Booger Fishing Lesson For Bonefish & Sharks

We're in Islamorada with Capt. Hollywood doing some booger fishing for bonefish & sharks!!! Unfortunately, the weather turned sour and we...
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The Secret To Catching Tarpon On Butterflied Mullet

Did you know that fresh cut mullet is one of the best baits for big fish? You can catch a variety of monster fish if you do this...
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You’ve Got To See This Wild Mystery GIANT Fish!!!

WILD MYSTERY GIANT FISH!!! While fishing on his kayak a couple of weeks ago, Fishing Coach Pat Ogletree hooked into something BIG...
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#1 Beach Fishing Bait Hack That Will Hook More Fish

Next time you're out fishing off the beach, keep this sneaky beach fishing bait hack in mind!! Beach fishing can be a challenge and it is...
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Flats Fishing The Florida Keys (Why It’s Not What Most Anglers Think It Is)

Have you ever gone flats fishing in the Florida Keys before? If you haven’t, it is surely not what you’d expect!!! Don’t go to the...
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Everything Tripletail [Tips, Tactics, & Tournament!]

IT'S TRIPLETAIL TIME!! This is a can't miss podcast. Capt. Jay O'Brien from Irish Wake Fishing talks his best tripletail fishing tips...
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The Best Shrimp Lures For The Shrimp Runs

What are the best shrimp lures for the shrimp runs? Are there better lures to use for the brown shrimp run versus the white shrimp run?...
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