How To Make & Rig Bonita Strips To Catch Big Sharks

It’s shark fishing time!!

And this time, we reeled in a nice bonita and thought it would be best to use it as bait to target the sharks that were lurking around the boat.

Bonita strips are an extremely effective bait for catching big sharks.

Learn how to make bonita strips and rig up the bait to haul in big sharks from down below!!

How To Use Bonita Strips To Catch Big Sharks [VIDEO]

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The objective is to have the bait sit on the surface and not sink to the bottom.

Start to fillet the bonita by inserting the knife just below the pectoral fin and slice down towards the tail on the backbone.

After you do this on both sides, you will be left with two nice bonita fillets.

Take one of those fillets and slice down the middle which will give you two bait strips.

(Be sure to slice with the knife away from your body to avoid injury!)

Rigging the Bonita Bait Strips

Using an 8/0 circle hook, rig the bait through the thin end of the strip (not the thick end).

This will avoid it spinning in the current.

Make sure the hook is clear of any skin and the barb is free.

If you have to reel in the bait for any reason, always check it to make sure it’s not a foul hooked bait.

Bonita has very tough skin which prevents little fish from stealing the bait, which is another reason why it’s so great!

Have any questions about catching sharks on bonita strips or other live bait?

Let me know down below in the comments!!

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joseph levasseur
1 month ago

The bait is NOT a bonito….it is a false albacore……2 completely different fish….

Bob Doyle
1 month ago

Great job, but I couldn’t help notice the chum holder trailing the boat. Looked like a perfect fit for frozen block chum. What brand is it and where can I get one?

A. Rollins
1 month ago

A piece of a rubber band on the hook bend can help eliminate the bait from sliding up the shank and fouling up on the hook point.

A. Rollins
1 month ago

Here’s another idea, a video on to properly make and rig butterfly baits.

Doug Last True man in USA
1 month ago

“Be sure to slice with the knife away from your body to avoid injury”. Really? Do you also want to warn us about putting fingers in sharks mouth?

1 month ago

Exciting video! I’ve got a couple questions, can you troll with that set up and would you use Bonita to catch other fish?

Ikie jimmy
1 month ago

Great job Whiteclaw, Hollywood and Luke. Thanks for the tips greatly appreciated

Ken Blanchard
1 month ago

Isn’t that a False Albacore? All of the Bonita that I’ve seen are striped.

Adam Bailey
1 month ago
Reply to  Ken Blanchard

Bonita is a local name at least around Florida. It is a false albacore though. From online: “False Albacore (Euthynnus alletteratus), also known as Little Tunny, Albies, Bonita, and Fat Alberts, are members of the Scombridae family, in the Euthynnus genus; somewhere in between true Tuna and Mackerel.”

The Atlantic bonito is a different species.

joseph levasseur
1 month ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

No it’s not the same fish……2 different complete species…

joseph levasseur
1 month ago
Reply to  Ken Blanchard

You are right……

Pablo Diaz
1 month ago

Nice job Wyatt!!! – Awesome video – nice bull – these videos are really helpful


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