Incredible Underwater Mangrove Snapper Strikes – How They Really Feed

Want to see how snapper actually feed on shrimp? This underwater footage shows the difference between snapper vs pinfish and how you can catch more snapper.
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Savage Gear Crab Review (Pros, Cons, Retrieve Tips)

Thinking about getting the Savage Gear TPE crab? In this review, you'll see their top pros and cons, plus how to use them to catch more fish.
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Crab Lure For Sheepshead Review [Crusty Crab by Chasebaits]

Looking for a crab lure for sheepshead? Then watch this review video because it shows the top 3 pros AND cons of the Crusty Crab lure (plus how to use it).
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Bottom Sweeper Jigs Review: Pros, Cons & When To Use Them

Have you tried these Bottom Sweeper Jigs? They're great for rigging up crabs, shrimp, and sand fleas for sheepshead, redfish, and black drum.
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How To Rig Fiddler Crabs To Catch More Sheepshead

Want to know how to rig and handle fiddler crabs so you can catch more sheepshead, redfish, and black drum? Check out this video to learn how.
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Sheepshead Tips and Tactics [Mini-Course]

It’s sheepshead time! We have a lot of content on sheepshead, so we decided to put all of the best info into one easy access...
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How To Catch Sheepshead Without Live Bait (LIVE Video)

Want to catch big sheepshead on artificial lures? It's possible and in this video we're going to show you how, where, and on what lures we're catching them.
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How To Catch Fiddler Crabs For Bait (Quick & Easy Way)

Want to learn how to catch fiddler crabs? These make great baits for sheepshead, redfish, and black drum, but they can be tough to find in the winter.
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Full Sheepshead Fishing Report [Catching Your Own Bait, Tips & Tactics, Map Analysis & On-The-Water Footage]

This week’s Report is a full Sheepshead fishing report. You will see how to catch your own fiddler crabs, the best tactics and best types...
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How To Cook Sheepshead (The Simple & Delicious Way)

Want to learn the best (and easiest) way to cook sheepshead? Watch this video to see how to grill delicious sheepshead with little cleanup.
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How To Tie A Dropper Rig Using a “T-Knot” (For Sheepshead & Snapper)

Want to learn how to tie a dropper rig to catch more sheepshead? Check out this tutorial for step-by-step instructions, plus...
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Top 4 Sheepshead Rigs (To Catch Sheepshead In Every Condition)

Want to know what the best sheepshead rigs are? Learn the pros and cons of each sheepshead rig, plus know when to use them and how to tie them.
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Simple Sheepshead Rig (Great For Sight Fishing & Heavy Structure)

Looking for a simple (yet effective) sheepshead rig that you can quickly tie while out on the water? This rig is tough beat and is perfect for when...
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How To Make A High Low Rig (For Sheepshead & Snapper)

Want to learn how to tie the high low rig? In this video, we'll show you exactly how to tie it, plus share the pros and cons of this rig.
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Sheepshead & Mangrove Snapper (ON DEMAND)

Join in on this LIVE podcast as Luke and I fish bridges for sheepshead and snapper. We'll share tips on how to fish bridges, how to rig shrimp, and...
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