How To Maximize Results Using Live Shrimp Inshore [Insider Report]

Live shrimp can be great baits, but many anglers struggle with knowing what type of spots & rigs to foucs on.This report answers those questions and more.
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How To Catch Sheepshead (Plus PDF Cheat Sheet & Catch Card)

Want to catch more sheepshead this year? Then check out these sheepshead tips and quick reference guide cheat sheet. Tight lines!
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Wild Bowfishing Trip!!! (Bowfishing For Sheepshead & Black Drum At Night)

What a blast this bowfishing trip was! Check out all the fun we had (and how many fish we brought back to have the ultimate sheepshead fish fry). Enjoy!
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Targeting Snapper and Sheepshead [Insider Report]

In this report I fished with live shrimp targeting Snapper, Sheepshead, and anything else willing to cooperate. Check out the full report!
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