How To Catch Sheepshead During The Summer Months

Can you still catch nice sized sheepshead during the summer? Most of the tactics will stay the same as the colder months but you will...
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Top 2 Sheepshead Rigs (And When To Use Them)

Want to know the top 2 sheepshead rigs? These are both great rigs for shrimp and fiddler crabs, but when to use them depends on if you're...
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Top 3 Spots To Catch More Sheepshead This Winter

Want to catch more sheepshead? Then you've got to check out these 3 spots. They have everything sheepshead need, plus they're easy to...
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Fishing for Sheepshead From Shore [On The Water Lesson]

It’s Sheepshead time! In this video you will see a full sheepshead fishing trip that can help you get on some fish wherever you may...
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3-Step Method To STOP Missing Sheepshead Bites

Sick of sheepshead stealing your bait? These three steps will show you how to catch more sheepshead, as well as reveal the biggest mistakes...
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How To Find Fiddler Crabs In The WINTER (For Sheepshead)

Fiddler crabs make great sheepshead baits. In the winter, fiddler crabs are toughest to find, but with just a little work, you can easily...
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Split Shot Rig: Simple, Easy & Quick Rig For Sheepshead

Looking for a great rig for sheepshead? The split shot rig is easy to tie, easy to use, and proven to catch fish. Plus, when you're fishing...
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How To Quickly Chum Up Sheepshead (Without Wasting Your Bait)

Want to catch more sheepshead fast? Chumming for them is the best way to do that, but before you start scraping barnacles off, you need to...
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Sheepshead Fishing Tips (Best Lures, Rigs, & Mistakes To Avoid)

Want to catch more of these delicious fish this winter? See the best baits, lures, tides, spots, and rigs for these notorious bait stealers.
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Cranka Crab Review: Unboxing, Price, And Top Pros & Cons

Have you tried the Cranka Crab lure yet? See my unboxing and initial thoughts on this lure, plus the big reason I belive it will be the...
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Incredible Underwater Mangrove Snapper Strikes – How They Really Feed

Want to see how snapper actually feed on shrimp? This underwater footage shows the difference between snapper vs pinfish and how you can catch more snapper.
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Savage Gear Crab Review (Pros, Cons, Retrieve Tips)

Thinking about getting the Savage Gear TPE crab? In this review, you'll see their top pros and cons, plus how to use them to catch more fish.
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Crab Lure For Sheepshead Review [Crusty Crab by Chasebaits]

Looking for a crab lure for sheepshead? Then watch this review video because it shows the top 3 pros AND cons of the Crusty Crab lure (plus how to use it).
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Bottom Sweeper Jigs Review: Pros, Cons & When To Use Them

Have you tried these Bottom Sweeper Jigs? They're great for rigging up crabs, shrimp, and sand fleas for sheepshead, redfish, and black drum.
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How To Rig Fiddler Crabs To Catch More Sheepshead

Want to know how to rig and handle fiddler crabs so you can catch more sheepshead, redfish, and black drum? Check out this video to learn how.
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