How To Catch Sheepshead During The Summer Months


It’s sheepshead time!

(Or is it?)

It’s true, sheepshead are a popular species to target in our colder months and a lot of anglers don’t fish for them in the summertime.

But you can target these fish year-round.

So in this video, you’ll learn the spots to look for sheepshead during the summer months and if the tactics change.

Check it out below!

Sheepshead In Summertime [VIDEO]

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You don’t really have to change much about how you fish for sheepshead during the summer.

The same rigs, baits, and types of structure (like bridges, rocks, and docks) work even during the warmer months.

Sheepshead tend to be really active in the colder months but in the hotter months, it seems they hold really close to the bottom where the water is cooler.

When targeting sheepshead during the summer, fish pylons that are closer to a channel where the water is deeper and cooler.

Bridges also provide shade on the water to keep it cool.

On this trip, we were keeping our fiddler crabs to the side of the pylons but were not necessarily sticking to a particular side.

There wasn’t very fast current that day which allowed the sheepshead to swim easily around all sides of the pylons.

But if you are fishing in an area where there’s a lot of fast current, fish the side of the pylon opposite of the current so there’s a break.

Sheepshead will sit on the non-current side of the pylon and wait for baits to come past them in the current flow.


summertime sheepshead

Even though a lot of the sheepshead have gone offshore to spawn during summer, you can still catch some really nice sheepshead!

You’ll just have to target areas that may be holding cooler water.

But your rigs, baits, and types of structure will all stay the same.

Have any questions about catching sheepshead in the summer?

Let me know in the comments below!

And if you know someone who wants to target sheepshead year-round, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Brian Hunter
1 month ago

Enjoyed the fun video and solid tips, Austin!

tony elmore
1 month ago

Have you tried fishbites for sheepshead?

Gary Brady
1 month ago

Nice video Austin!

J Long
1 month ago

Super nice catches, Austin! Y’all were in between several pilings and that low current sure seemed to help with the positioning. I’m looking in my area for lower current bridge areas for Sheepshead fishing from the kayaks, but I’m ignorant on the best methods for anchoring from a kayak vs. a boat. I’m sure I’ll get the answer somewhere here in the Sal Strong community; I’m sure.

Matthew Lanier
1 month ago

Way to get after em Austin! You and Richard killed it!
Great video, buddy!

Philip Wimberly
1 month ago

Do we need to find deeper water for Sheepshead in the summer? I’m usually looking for 7-12 feet.

Michael Schulze
1 month ago

Great video Austin! What was the water temp you were fishing?

Tracy Jackson
1 month ago

What is the “best” rod for inshore fishing?

Ray Markham
1 month ago

Sheepshead spawn typically in the months of February and March. Check it out.

William Hawkins
1 month ago

Nice video Austin. I can sometimes find Sheepshead around those same pilings using my Sidescan radar (when conditions are right). Similar fishing around Nassau bridge.


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