Why Most Saltwater Anglers FAIL (The Top Mistake)


Are you sick of getting skunked?

Do you wish that you could go fishing and consistently catch more redfish, trout, snook and flounder?

And do you wish that instead of wondering if you were going to catch fish, you’d wonder how many you were going to catch?

We’ve personally coached tens of thousands of anglers and we’ve found that there is one main reason that most fishermen get skunked.

It’s not that they have the wrong bait or lure…

It’s not that they have the wrong rod and reel…

And it’s not even that they don’t have the right spots…

In this podcast episode, Luke, Tony and I talk about this #1 mistake and how each one of us has made the same exact mistake ourselves.

Luke and I made this mistake for years and years, and fall back into it sometimes still!

And it’s not your fault.

This strategy works for bass fishing and offshore fishing, just not inshore fishing.

But here’s the good news: it’s easily fixable, and we’ll show you exactly how to fix it in this epsiode.

Plus you’ll learn:

  • What types of spots are good in each season
  • Why inshore fish move so much
  • Which variables you need to consider when fishing a spot (it’s more than just weather and tides)
  • How the pros plan their fishing trips
  • How wind affects fishing spots
  • The one thing that helped Luke become a much better fisherman

We share some of our exact spots and why we like them on video, so we recommend watching the video below, but you can also listen to this episode by clicking the play button below that, or on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.

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Why Most Saltwater Anglers FAIL [VIDEO]

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Why Most Saltwater Anglers FAIL [PODCAST]

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Have any questions about breaking through this fishing mistake?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Bob Bulla
3 years ago

Loved it, thanks guys !

3 years ago

Another great podcast by you guys. Really enjoyed this one as I have already told you I am heading to Cape Coral for Feb and Mar 2020 looking for my first Red and Snook. Your information is going to be so valuable will send pics of the monsters. lol


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