How To Catch Inshore Tripletail (Under Sailboats!)


It’s tripletail time!

I’ve got a fun tripletail report for you targeting them in a way that I had not considered before.

Tripletail are roamers that like to stick to shade and structure, so people normally catch them near buoys and channel markers.

But today, we explored some moored sailboats and plucked several tripletail from under them.

I was with Capt. Jeff Vickers and he caught over 500 tripletail last year using this strategy!

Check out the video below to see how we did it.

Catching Tripletail Under Sailboats [VIDEO]

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Gear used:

Here are three things to keep in mind if you want to catch tripletail under sailboats:

1. Drift to the target zone

By getting upwind of the boats, we were able to quietly drift down toward them without spooking them.

We caught fish both under the boats and near the anchor lines.

2. Tripletail love jigs

We used shrimp lures and paddletails rigged on 1/4 oz jig heads to catch these fish.

They didn’t seem to have too much of a preference of one over the other — the main thing was that we found them and presented a jig to them.

3. Be courteous

Capt. Jeff is out here several times per week targeting these fish under sailboats, so he knows which boats are just moored there unoccupied.

Be sure to not fish boats that are occupied and don’t hit the boats with your lure.



What a fun way to target tripletail!

Even though the weather was bad, we were still able to bring a few to the boat by finding them under moored sailboats and pitching a jig to them.

Have any questions about how to catch tripletail like this?

Let me know down in the comments!

If you’re in the Dunedin, Tampa Bay area and want to go fishing with Capt. Jeff Vickers like I did, visit his website at

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3 years ago

Really digging both of your Fall 2020 Triple Tail tips. #Blackish #inshoregrouper #bamablackfish

Caden Kaufman
3 years ago

Thanks luke for the info!

Rey Palmer
3 years ago

Who else thought he looks like Forrest Gump working for Salt Strong now? LOL

Michael Grandonico
3 years ago

where were you

Steven Free
3 years ago

Ha that’s crazy but actually to me it makes sense I used to fish for freshwater crappie up north in Mich where I’m originally from and one of the best ways I found was to pitch small jigs underneath sailboats moored in open water they would be feeding in the small minnows that would feed on the algae growing on the sailboats gulps anything that resembled a small minnow would work and although I have only caught 1 trippletail on my favorite plastic shrimp the chasebaits flick prawn in jelly color I know there is more to be caught thanks for the tip there are a lot of moored sailboats in the intercoastal where I mostly fish😁

3 years ago

Nice triples

3 years ago

Nice to have a good caption. Do you know of one in the Myrtle Beach, SC area?

Thom Ray
3 years ago

Cool report Luke. Gonna have to give that a try.

John Hardiman
3 years ago

Very Interesting 🧐

3 years ago
Reply to  John Hardiman

one of the best eating fish….ever!!!….but shhhhh, don’t talk about it…


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