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  • How to catch fish in murky water this fall
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  • The live shrimp vs. soft plastic lures case study
  • A unique way to catch tripletail
  • What having an $800 reel is really like

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[UPDATE] New Salt Strong Boat!

The new Salt Strong boat is coming soon! Here are the latest details (including getting your name on the boat)
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How To Hook Shrimp On A Jig Head (EASIEST Way To Catch Fish)

Want to see the best way to hook shrimp on a jighead? This way of rigging them makes your shrimp look natural in the water and attracts...
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Top 3 Fall Redfish Mistakes (And How To Fix Them!)

Are you making these fall redfish mistakes? What worked just a few weeks ago will now get you skunked. So to catch more redfish in the fall...
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$800 Inshore Spinning Reel (RESULTS ARE IN)

Who pays $800 for an inshore spinning reel? Apparently, I do… Who would have ever thought a 3000 series reel made for catching redfish, speckled...
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How to NEVER Get Spooled By A Fish [Video]

Have you ever been spooled by a fish? It's obviously not fun for you, but it's really bad for the fish and the environment, so learn how to...
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Live Shrimp vs. Soft Plastic Lures (On The Water Showdown)

Which do you think would catch more quality fish? Check out this LIVE fishing trip and see the shocking results of this case study.
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Fall Murky Water Tactics [Insider Report – Map Analysis + On The Water Footage]

On this trip we put our new 5″ Slam Shady Bomber Paddletails to the test and was able to (somehow) land a solid 35″ snook....
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How To Catch Inshore Tripletail (Under Sailboats!)

Want to see a fun and unique way to catch tripletail? This strategy lead Capt. Jeff to catching over 500 last year and in this video, we...
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Rod & Reel Cleaning Q&A: Top Mistakes & What Products To AVOID

Check this rod and reel cleaning Q&A to keep your gear lasting as long as possible. See what products to avoid, how to store your gear, and...
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Dialing in Fall Speckled Trout in Coastal Creeks [Insider Report]

Want to learn the #1 spot for Speckled Trout for the early fall, plus the best lures, tactics, and more? Then check out this Insider Report!
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What Each Color Means On Nautical Charts (Don’t Run AGROUND!!)

Do you know what white, blue, and green mean on nautical charts? If you don't, you could risk running aground or missing out on good spots.
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Inner Circle Live Video Lesson and Q&A [10-08-20]

We had another great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Conversation Log: 00:42 – St Lucie inlet (Spot Dissection)...
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Spot Selection Based on Conditions [Spot Dissection – Ft. Pierce, FL Example]

In this Spot Dissection we will be focusing on where you should be looking for fish near inlets based on conditions. The area shown as...
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This Egg Sinker Mistake Could Cost You Fish

If you want to make sure you don't lose fish, don't choose THIS type of egg sinker. Before you buy egg sinkers, inspect them and make sure...
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The Truth About YAK MOTLEY

Have you seen this guy on YouTube? Get a behind the scenes scoop about how Jack (aka Yak) Motley has grown a huge following by doing what he...
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