[UPDATE] New Salt Strong Boat!


Big news!

If you haven’t already heard, we’re getting a new Salt Strong boat soon.

First, I’ll start with what we were looking for:

  • Since we don’t accept sponsors, we’re having to buy this boat with our own money so we wanted a boat that keeps great retail value
  • One of our biggest issues with the 17′ Maverick HPX is that it can only hold 3 anglers… and since we have plans to fish with our LIFETIME MEMBERS going forward, we needed a bigger boat
  • We’ve also had a bunch of requests to do more nearshore fishing (grouper, snapper, tripletail, etc) so we needed a boat that could draft shallow in the flats yet still get us offshore on nice days
  • Finally, after fishing on Capt. Peter Deeks Yellowfin with a tower and Capt. Mark “Hollywood” Johnson’s Islamorada with a tower, we knew we had to get a tower (it’s amazing how many more fish you can see from up there)

So we decided to go with a Pathfinder 24′ with a tower!

It’s going to be sick (and enable us to do so a whole lot more fishing with our members like you)!

Here’s the update (including having your name on the boat – thank you Salt Strong LIFERS)!

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Tom Mullinax
2 years ago

What a great addition. Can’t want to hear the fish stories that it helps you provide. Proud of you guys for following your dreams!

3 years ago

Guess I need to sign in lol

3 years ago

Great choice of rigs, many awesome memories are going to be made on that beauty!

Christopher Edgar
3 years ago

Great choice, Joe! Glad you decided to upgrade to a 24′ with tower. Much more utility for what you can bring to the tribe. Can wait to see her with the branded wrap!

john segelken
3 years ago

Wow, looking real good. The fish are shaking at the sight of her. Plenty of laughs and memories coming your way, for sure.

Jack Hinnenthal
3 years ago

Congratulations on the new boat! Great choice on both boat and motor, I love my Pathfinder for fishing both inshore and nearshore from Punta Gorda. Come visit.

Jon Kaplan
3 years ago

Enjoy the new boat and tight lines. I know you will get good use out of it!

3 years ago

Congratulations on the new boat! It looks awesome and I’ll be eagerly anticipating some new videos, particularly related to the use of the tower. Thanks for all your help getting this transplanted Iowan catching some fish in salt water. Salt Strong!

3 years ago

thats a awsome fly bridge

Michael Moran
3 years ago



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