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Emergency Trolling Motor Repair Kit (Everything You Need)

For the worst-case scenario, I always like to bring an Emergency Trolling Motor Repair Kit with me on my fishing trips. The exact products...
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Walkthrough Of Coach Tony’s Gheenoe Classic [VIDEO]

The moment you've all been waiting for...A detailed walkthrough of my Gheenoe from end to end! Learn all about the customizations and...
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Shallow Water Trolling Mistakes That Cost You Fish

Stop committing these shallow water trolling mistakes out on the water! Trolling motor mistakes are major reasons why anglers lose out on...
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How To Position Your Boat To Catch More Redfish Without A Trolling Motor

How can you catch more redfish without a trolling motor? Don't you need a trolling motor to fish in areas that hold redfish so you don't...
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Your Trolling Motor Is Spooking Fish. Here’s Why…

Are you aware that it's possible your trolling motor is spooking fish? This topic is not broken down a whole lot but it can mean the...
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How To Fish Docks With Artificial Lures [Mini-Course]

In this Dock Fishing Mini Course, we're going to talk about all of the gear you need, the right lure retrieves as well as the right lures...
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Better Boat Cleaning Soap Review

Care for your boat (and the environment!!!) by using Better Boat Cleaning Soap! We often get asked many questions relating to boat care...
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Do THIS With Your Motor While You’re Fishing

What should you do, if anything at all, to your motor while you're fishing? Do you need to have it in a specific position or location?...
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How To Choose The RIGHT Saltwater Trolling Motor

How do you know which trolling motor is the RIGHT one for you? With so many trolling motors out there and varying levels of experience...
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How To Speed Launch A Boat

Do you sometimes feel like you spend more time launching your boat than actually being on it? Check out how to speed launch a boat...
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Is Now The WORST Time To Buy A Boat?

Is NOW the WORST time to buy a boat? Are there better times in the year to buy boats? If you are in the market for a new boat, then...
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Do You Really Need A Fish Finder For Inshore Fishing?

Do you really need a fish finder for inshore fishing? What are the benefits of having a fish finder out on the water with you? The truth...
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How To Use Side Imaging Like A Pro [Mini-Course]

It’s fish finder time! Side imaging can be a bit intimidating and difficult to understand when you first use it. However, it can be a...
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Do THIS Before Launching Your Boat

What should you do BEFORE launching your boat to go out fishing? If you fail to adhere to these important steps, then you may risk...
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How To Use An Anchor Pole (Boat Stick)

Do you know how to use a boat stick or a stick-it pin? What are the advantages of using one when fishing? Boat sticks help to...
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