Do You Really Need A Fish Finder For Inshore Fishing?


Do you really need a fish finder for inshore fishing?

What are the benefits of having a fish finder with you out on the water?

In this episode, we discuss if having a fish finder is truly an advantage for inshore saltwater fishing!

Do you have a fish finder on your watercraft?

We’ve got it all covered below!

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Fish Finder For Inshore Fishing [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version of this episode:

  • 2:30 – The short answer
  • 3:18 – Situations when a fish finder is useful
  • 4:59 – GPS and map benefits
  • 5:35 – When you NEED a fish finder
  • 6:49 – Trolling motor or fish finder?
  • 9:26 – The impact of cell phones on fish finders
  • 13:04 – Depth finders
  • 14:36 – Popular fish finder brands
  • 16:34 – Capt. Peter Deeks’ Course ****
  • 17:20 – What you really need
  • 18:13 – New Salt Strong content
  • 19:18 – New Salt Strong products
  • 20:06 – Money-back guarantee
  • 20:34 – Catch MORE fish in 10 minutes or less!!!
  • 22:21 – Keeping up with the trends
  • 23:49 – Would you spend $1.85 a week to become a better angler?
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Fish Finder For Inshore Fishing [VIDEO]

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what does good bottom look like on fish finder

Although not completely necessary for inshore saltwater fishing, fish finders have navigation and GPS features that most other map platforms do not have even on a phone.

However, because most of the time we fish in shallower areas for inshore saltwater fish, fish finders are not always needed.

If you do lots of bottom fishing or fishing in deeper areas, a fish finder might be something you definitely need!

Do you have any more questions on whether or not you need a fish finder for inshore fishing?

Let us know down in the comments!

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Bruce Shearer
1 year ago

The newer Garmin fishfinders will connect to the Garmin Quatix watch. It gives you some boat data, speed etc but most importantly it will show depth. Having the depth on the watch is great when operating the boat from the bow of the boat. Check it out.

Pat Ogletree
1 year ago

For my style of fishing I don’t use one except bridge fishing for black drum. Other than that it stays at home.

Kent Fuller
1 year ago

I fish in South Carolina have a Garmin on my kayak. Yes, it’s not for fish finding but for knowing how much water is below my hull as I head up a murky creek. We have 6-8 foot tides and it isn’t much fun to to get stuck up a creek on an outgoing tide. Trying to portage a heavy fishing kayak out of a creek while walking through pluff mud is probably not going to happen. So for me it is a safety device.

A Rollins
1 year ago

I fish in the middle of the graveyard for lower units.
Yes, I need a depth/fishfinder.
I also find its temperature feature very helpful.
Oh, I can’t forget the GPS feature that helps me find my way back to the dock, too.

Last edited 1 year ago by Andrew Rollins
Steven Free
1 year ago

I especially use mine in the winter because I troll alot and a fishfinder/ depth finder helps me find not only the fish but keeps me in the right depth range and aids in finding bait schools mine is a few years old a lowrance hook 2 5x and has GPS but i have never used the GPS mode in old school so some of the directions to me are kind of confusing but i do know the next upgrade i get i will get one with side scan because I have heard fishing docks this can save alot of time trying to determine wich docks would be good or not to fish the depth underneath it if it has a dropoff or not with my unit now the only thing that it can tell me are the drop offs but it obviously wont show if there is bait under the dock or not anyways maybe they are not a necessity but they sure do help and I have always had one on all the boats and kayaks I have owned thanks for the info and all you do😉👍

Billy Barr
1 year ago

I fish murky Louisiana water. The satellite maps do not provide a good picture of the area so having a fish finder with side imaging was a big help finding grass and shelf ect. I had a 9″ on my kayak and loved it (I accidentally left it on a dock). I will absolutely get another one if the prices every get reasonable again. Lol. I do miss water temperature, depth and finding ditches/grass ect. But like yall said, I don’t actually use it to find fish, just areas where fish may be! Lol


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