Here are some tips on how to make the most of your boat’s electronics (fish finders, depth finders, nav-systems) so you can catch more fish!

Emergency Trolling Motor Repair Kit (Everything You Need)

For the worst-case scenario, I always like to bring an Emergency Trolling Motor Repair Kit with me on my fishing trips. The exact products...
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Shallow Water Trolling Mistakes That Cost You Fish

Stop committing these shallow water trolling mistakes out on the water! Trolling motor mistakes are major reasons why anglers lose out on...
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How To Choose The RIGHT Saltwater Trolling Motor

How do you know which trolling motor is the RIGHT one for you? With so many trolling motors out there and varying levels of experience...
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Do You Really Need A Fish Finder For Inshore Fishing?

Do you really need a fish finder for inshore fishing? What are the benefits of having a fish finder out on the water with you? The truth...
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How To Use Side Imaging Like A Pro [Mini-Course]

It’s fish finder time! Side imaging can be a bit intimidating and difficult to understand when you first use it. However, it can be a...
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3 Quick Boat and Trailer Maintenance Tips

Here are 3 Quick Boat and Trailer Maintenance Tips to keep you on the water and the road safely, and save you money in the long run.
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Are You Aware Of The New Coast Guard Boating Kill Switch Law?

Are you aware of the new federal mandate for operating a boat that was established this year? To increase safety on the water, you must...
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Should You Put A Fish Finder On A Kayak? (Pros, Cons, & Mounting Tips)

Want to know if you should put a fish finder on your kayak? See the pros and cons of fish finders on kayaks, and if you should put one on your kayak.
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How To Use Your Fish Finder Like A Pro (Top Tips, Mistakes & More)

Want to learn how to use your fish finder like a pro? We brought in one of the top fish finder experts in the world to show us how to do that.
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