Emergency Trolling Motor Repair Kit (Everything You Need)

For the worst-case scenario, I always like to bring an Emergency Trolling Motor Repair Kit with me on my fishing trips.

The exact products you need may vary based on your trolling motor but as far as the right pieces and parts you need, this video will get you started.

I learned this the hard way so it is important to be prepared ahead of time!

Emergency Trolling Motor Repair Kit [VIDEO]

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The issue I ran into was when I went to collect my lure from a tree I got snagged in while casting at mangroves.

I didn’t know it but there was a log beneath the water right where my lure was.

When I went in to retrieve my lure, the trolling motor hit the log and the shear pin on the shaft of the trolling motor broke.

If that happens, the trolling motor prop will not spin.

You’ll hear the trolling motor running but the prop won’t spin.

The shear pin is what holds the prop to the shaft.

If you hold up a trolling motor prop, you’ll see on the backside there is a small groove for the shear pin to slide in that connects to the main shaft.

If that breaks, the trolling motor won’t function as you need it to.

I was stuck out there without a trolling motor in some tough winds so that ended my day early.

I didn’t have any of the extra equipment you see in this video which is why I wanted to share it with you all so that if you run into any issues, you’ll be prepared to fix them.

The Tools You Need

First off, you’ll need a spare prop.

A spare prop comes in handy if your prop fails on you or falls into the water while repairing.

It’s always good to have a spare prop and the type you need will depend on the make and model of your trolling motor.

Most important, you need spare shear pins for the prop.

The type of shear pins will depend on the brand of your trolling motor.

Be sure to have more than a few extra shear pins on board.

Some trolling motor manufacturers also sell a prop nut kit which includes wing nuts and a couple of extra shear pins.

I cannot stress the importance of having multiple shear pins on board enough.

It could fall into the water while you’re fixing it or what have you so be sure to have a few on board for every trip.

Next up are the actual tools you need to remove the prop.

When the shear pin is intact, all you need is a socket to get it off.

If your trolling motor has a bolt, you’ll need a socket.

If there are wing nuts, you can usually take those off by hand.

The one thing you don’t want to do is lock down the bolt too tight.

If that bolt is too tight and the shear pin breaks, the only way you’ll be able to get that bolt off is with a flathead screwdriver and pliers.

If this happens, you would have to use the pliers to hold the bolt in place as you twist the screwdriver to loosen the nut.

Please let me know if you carry any other essential items other than the ones I mentioned here.

Another important thing to always have is extra batteries for your trolling motor remote so you don’t end up stranded out there!

Go ahead and let me know what you think down in the comments section!!

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Erik Watters
4 months ago

Excellent video Tony. I have too many spare shear pins, if that’s possible. I have a handful that I made and some I bought. Spare batteries, all the tools and parts. Well done and a good reminder or advice for new boaters.
I keep everything (especially tools) in a waterproof box to avoid corrosion as well.

Thomas Moran
4 months ago

And for those of us with vintage Riptide or other trolling motor models, a replacement cord for raising and lowering the motor is a must. Those are under quite a bit of strain and they will break at some point. I was lucky the last time out – mine broke very low near where it attached so I was able to retie it with plenty enough rope left. Had it broken in the middle somewhere might have been more challenging.

Kenneth Whiting
4 months ago

Believe it or not my best day so far this year happened because my trolling motor broke! It forced me to slow down get further off the shore line and drift slowly with the wind. I would set up the drift put the power pole down pick an area apart then power pole up drift 30 yards or so pole down and pick the new area apart. Got my Pb trout that day.

MArk rIedy
4 months ago

Thanks for the reminder Tony. I’ll put a kit together before my next trip. And it makes me smile to know that even a pro like yourself can get caught up casting into the trees just like I do!!

Barry MacDonald
4 months ago

You may have to remove fishing line off the shaft

Rev. Lou E Troester
4 months ago

Having “blown a pin or two I keep the necessary pins in my fishing box and boat box. In an emergency, a cotter pin that will fit the hole in the shaft is in my fishing box. Cut it to length with your fishing pliers. Push the section of failed pin out!. Re-assemble- using your custom pin! Some applications have this pin going through the retainer nut some have it under the prop. Easy on the throttle, it will get you home. As a beginner with out boards I blew a “Shear pin” on a 5hp outboard and had no “extra” shear pins! I did have pliers! Cut the shaft off a hook or 3 the length you need, slide them in to the hole, carefully replace the prop. A low throttle will get you safely off the water! After that experience, you will surely carry extra shear pins!

4 months ago

We got a crab trap wrapped up in our prop in the marsh and had to go overboard in winter water with wire snips to free the prop. We now carry a spare prop & nut, a spare TM prop, shear pin and nut, a short jumper cable with clamps (to jump between TM & starting battery, a compact battery jump box and a spare TM pull cord and handle. We have broken several pull cords and now use made one from Amsteel braid that should last (can’t use steel cable on my TM).

4 months ago

I have procrastinated buying a spare prop for my Minn Kota Riptide RT80. I will admit I didn’t realize it was equipped with a shear pin. So thanks for the article. Sometimes even the most basic info needs to be shared.


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