How To Choose The RIGHT Saltwater Trolling Motor


Saltwater trolling motors are an important part of effectively fishing an inshore flat or working mangroves along a coastline.

But, how do you know which trolling motor is the RIGHT one for you?

With so many trolling motors out there and varying levels of experience, we decided to go over everything we’ve learned from using our own trolling motors.

In this episode, we discuss the trolling motors we currently use, how we got there, and other tips and tricks that have helped us find the best trolling motor.

We’ve got you covered below!!!

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Saltwater Trolling Motors [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version:

  • 2:17 – Saltwater Trolling Motors
  • 2:59 – Fishing Coach Wyatt Parcel’s Journey with a Trolling Motor
  • 4:51 – Using a Freshwater Trolling Motor in Saltwater
  • 8:52 – Fishing Coach Richard Thomas’ Journey with a Trolling Motor
  • 11:52 – Importance of Trolling Motors for Inshore Fishing
  • 12:34 – Match your Trolling Motor to your boat and fishing style
  • 14:03 – Spot-Lock Capabilities
  • 14:47 -#1 Trolling Motor Mistake in Shallow Water
  • 16:35 – Brands, Sizes, Types, Etc.
  • 21:06 – Battery Consumption
  • 21:55 – Bay Boat Trolling Motors
  • 22:57 – Personal Preferences
  • 25:41 – Mounting Trolling Motors
  • 27:45 – Battery Source and Wiring
  • 28:48 – Rust Prevention
  • 30:31 – Mounting Strategies
  • 33:26 – Foot Pedal Motors
  • 36:13 – Trolling Motor Remotes
  • 46:20 – Have the motor facing down

Saltwater Trolling Motors [VIDEO]

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how to use spot lock on trolling motor

Saltwater Trolling Motors are critical for inshore anglers looking to drift a flat or work a coastline of mangroves effectively and efficiently.

Before you start to think about other boat accessories, look into the RIGHT trolling motor for you!

Do you have any more questions about saltwater trolling motors?

Let us know down in the comments!

Also, please share your personal experiences and tips with us in the comments!!!

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Jeff Southland
1 year ago

Does the “N” function require the optional heading sensor to be installed? I’m guessing it might not be needed if the “N” function is only attempting to keep the boat moving along the same course direction that the boat was moving when you hit the button (in this case, the motor control software would have to extrapolate a course direction from the GPS path you were on prior to hitting the button). On other hand, the sensor would be needed if the function tries to keep the boat moving in the compass direction that the boat hull was pointing when the button was hit. I know that spotlock works fine without the heading sensor, but it wasn’t clear to me what functions require installation of the heading sensor. I haven’t yet installed the heading sensor because I don’t have a great place to mount it and (so far) it hasn’t appeared to be needed.

Ken Willcoxon
1 year ago

Please do one just on the remotes cuz I’ve got the torova it’s a pain in the butt to figure out I would greatly appreciate it guys

Steven Free
1 year ago

Being old fashioned I pretty much have used the same one and kind for years and that is the minn kota 55lb thrust 42 inch shaft hand controlled riptide saltwater trolling motor its lasted now 9 plus years and still is cranking away but thats because I always take care of what I own I have heard not so good stories about the I pilot ones and the ones with spot lock especially the remotes when and if they go bad your basically screwed because there is no manual way to operate the motor if this happens and have talked to quite a few anglers that it did happen to them so no thanks I’ll take the hand controlled also the remote controlled ones are very exspensive in the thousands compared to my 600 dollar one that still gets the job done without worry of a remote going bad a d as far as brands motor guide is a good motor but because the shaft is made out of stainless steel it doesnt give when an obstruction is accidently run into the minn kota has a composite shaft that bends some but hey this is my preference and obviously not everyone would agree I just say what works for me and I have been an inshore saltwater addict since March of 03 thanks for the info and all you do😉👍

JM Pantaleo
1 year ago

In regard to back up remotes, Minn Kota has an APP you can download to your phone. The interface screen looks similar to the full scale remote. Just pair your phone’s Bluetooth to your trolling motor and you’re good to go. Makes a good back up if you find your remote batteries dead or if your remote is AWOL.

Robert Kutzner
1 year ago

Fishing the west coast California Delta. Can I really get away with using a trolling motor on my 30 ft Everglades 290 Pilot? I’d love to but it seems a little big for a trolling motor?

Robert Irwin
1 year ago
Reply to  Robert Kutzner

Hi guys great podcast! I have a 23’pontoon that I use to fish with and also for family outings, so it has lots of seating, however I prefer to fish off the front deck, been asking around how useful a trolling motor is with pontoons
everyone that I talked to was positive. BUT they say to go higher in thrust for size compared to regular boat.
Does a trolling motor help you get into shallower water without spooking the fish? Is a foot control as easy to use as a wireless remote, Which is preferred? Is it OK to split the battery bank putting one on one side and two on the other to compensate for my weight, 3 batteries on one side weighs as much as an average man maybe on a pontoon it is not as critical as a V hull.
I wonder how many guys in the club use pontoons, bet there are more than you would think there has been an explosion of them here in Englewood on Lemon Bay.
P.S. Where has all the Grass gone?

john givens
1 year ago

Just getting acquainted with my I pilot. This was helpful!!!


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