How To Use The Spot Lock Feature On Your Trolling Motor


Have you used spot lock before?

It’s the latest and greatest anchor system that is revolutionizing fishing.

And it’s so easy to use!

In this new video from Capt. Peter Deeks, you’ll learn how to use the spot lock feature on your trolling motor.

Check it out!

How To Use Spot Lock On Your Trolling Motor [VIDEO]

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Spot lock allows you to fish easily around structure and anchor instantly in deeper water.

The first step is to get to the location that you want to sit and then hit the anchor button on the remote.


Even in the wind and with a strong moving tide, the spot lock keeps you in position!

Just be careful because you can’t use this feature underneath bridges because it uses satellite information to keep you in place.

So you’ll need to spot lock just outside of any heavy overhead structures.

Have any questions about how to use the spot lock on your trolling motor?

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Chuck Shaw
9 months ago

I have found if you still have headway on when you engage the spot lock, it will try to stop the boat, and then move it back to the location you set. That can make a lot of noise. So, I stop the motor and let it coast to a stop, THEN hit the spot lock button and it keeps things quiet. I love it!!!!!!! Chuck

Stephen Zuknick
1 year ago

I get cavitation sometimes when engaging the spot lock. The puck was installed on the stern of my 25 ft boat and it’s a bow mounted trolling motor. Any tips on how to reduce spooking fish especially on the flats?

David Hair
1 year ago

Can you make any comments on Minnkota vs iPilot vs Rhodan for these GPS trolling motors. Also how to best determine size motor and shaft length and what voltage system. Do they all work well with Lithium Ion batteries too?


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