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How do you stalk redfish on the flats?

What are the top 3 jerk shad lure colors for spring?

Do you really need a fish finder for inshore saltwater fishing?

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How To Use Side Imaging Like A Pro [Mini-Course]

It’s fish finder time! Side imaging can be a bit intimidating and difficult to understand when you first use it. However, it can be a...
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Advanced Owner Weighted Twistlock Hooks Tricks & Mods

What are the benefits of using Owner Weighted Twistlock Hooks for your soft plastic lures? When should you use one of these hooks?...
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Fishing Tidal Creeks Near Inlets [Insider Report]

On this trip, I wanted to fish a new area that was near an Inlet. The concept behind this trip was to fish a tidal...
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Late Winter Topwater Tactics [Insider Report]

With a warming trend happening,  I decided to check out an area this week just north of last week’s trip to see if fish were...
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How To Stalk Redfish On The Flats

How can you stalk redfish on the flats? What are some ways to get close to schools of redfish without spooking them off? If you...
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Is The Daiwa BG MQ The Best Reel For Inshore Fishing?

Is the Daiwa BG MQ the best spinning reel for inshore saltwater fishing? What sets this reel apart from all other spinning reels? The BG MQ...
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Top 3 Jerk Shad Lure Colors For Inshore Fishing

What are the best jerk shad lure colors to use for inshore saltwater fishing? What advantages does one color have over another? The truth...
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Port Isabel South Bay Exploration Trip [Insider Report]

In this report, I am fishing an area that is completely new to me in Port Isabel Texas known as South Bay. Having never fished...
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Toadfish Travel Rod Giveaway WINNER & More!

Did you post or comment in the Community during the month of February for your chance to win a Toadfish Travel Rod??? Are you aware...
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Pre-Trip Planning Strategies [Mini-Course]

It’s trip planning time! Pre-trip planning is crucial for making the most out of your trips (and to be more consistent!) This mini-course will show...
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Warming Trend Exploration: Where Are The Fish? [Insider Report]

Just because you know an area well, doesn’t mean you’ll always know where the fish will be! The past few months have been GLOOMY down...
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Outrunning Storms For A South Texas Slam [Insider Report]

With terrible winter storms and cold weather over Texas for the last week, I’ve been itching really bad to get out and fish… After carefully...
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Happy National Paddletail Day!!!

Happy National Paddletail Day Insiders!!! Did you know about National Paddletail Day? You don’t want to miss this special National Paddletail Day lure offer! Check...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [March 4th – 6th]

See the best types of spots to target this weekend based on the warming weather patterns and latest feeding trends.
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Do THIS Before Launching Your Boat

What should you do BEFORE launching your boat to go out fishing? If you fail to adhere to these important steps, then you may risk...
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