Do THIS Before Launching Your Boat


What should you do BEFORE launching your boat?

What things should you look for before you back your trailer down the ramp?

Before you launch your boat at a boat ramp, there are things you should look out for to ensure safety and ease of launch.

Check it all out here!

Before Launching Your Boat

There are a few things you should check on the ramp itself before you back your trailer down.

This way you avoid running into any issues when you go to launch your boat or watercraft into the water.

Pre-Launch Checks On The Ramp

The steepness of the ramp will dictate how you go about launching your boat.

Sometimes, anglers will back their boat into the water unhooked but if the ramp is too steep, it is best to have it hooked up until you get closer to the water.

Then, all you need to do is hop out of your car and gently push the boat in the water off the trailer.

Next, check how slippery the surface of the ramp itself is.

If the ramp is slippery and steep, it can pose a risk for you as you go to launch your boat.

Furthermore, you should have a look to see how far down the slab goes into the water.

Some boat ramps will have a sign up that indicates the end of the boat ramp.

The last thing you want to do is back your trailer up to the point where your wheels are stuck in the mud.

There’s a good chance there is a deep hole near the end of the concrete slab that poses a threat if you back up off the slab.

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how to back a boat down a ramp

If you are launching your boat on a ramp that you’ve never used before, it is a good idea to first have a look at the ramp and ensure you know the layout of the ramp so as not to cause any issues when you back your trailer down the slab.

Be mindful of how far the concrete slab extends off the ramp and how steep the ramp is itself.

Safety and preparation are key when launching a boat into the water so make sure to be aware of the ramp you are launching from and avoid risks by becoming familiar with the ramp itself!

Do you have any more questions on what to do before launching your boat?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Steven Free
1 year ago

Yea I fish alot in mill cove an area you did a spot dissection on a few years back before covid and I remember the first time years ago launching there I didnot realize but just before the wood planks on the dock begin there is an underwater concrete beam across to the opposite end of the ramp width wise and at low tide unless you really look for it it still cannot be seen and the first time I backed down I did it to fast and hit the beam with such force it bent my axle of the trailer not much that it could not be used but enough to put a slight dent in it I learned my lesson but also since I am older I use my common sence more then ever and usually dont have any problems other then the weather and the occasional selfish inconsiderate other angler but we all have to deal with other people that’s life anyways thanks for the info and all you do😉👍

Anthony Leopper
1 year ago

And dont try to back down an icy ramp even though you watched someone else do it without event!

Mike Z
1 year ago

I think you left out a few very important items when it comes to launching your boat…as simple as they might sound. I have been “launching” for 50+ years and have found the following to be very important…1-Time of Day; 2-Tide level; 3-Tie-up after launch; 4-How close is parking for trailer, etc.; 5-On-Site Restroom Facility and finally…6-Tie-up availability upon return! Thank you and “TIGHT LINES”! PS…did I mention Ramp Fee$? 😉

Raul Gervasoni
1 year ago

Thanks Tony, great tips

Rob S
1 year ago

Excellent tips, Tony. There is a local ramp where the slab ends, and drops to deep water. There is no sign warning of this hazard other than someone spray painting an arrow on the side of the dock. Many boaters wouldn’t associate the deep drop with the arrow. When the wheels on a larger trailer fall off the end, it sometimes requires a tow truck as the vehicle can’t get the tires to hop back over the ledge. While it should be obvious, some drivers don’t set their parking brakes.

Last edited 1 year ago by Rob S


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