Tools For Planning Your Next Fishing Trip [Pre-Trip Planning Mini-Course]


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Pre-Trip Planning Mini-Course

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If you want to catch more fish in less than 10 MINUTES, you need to check out this mini-course.

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The course itself is dedicated to walking you through what to look for when pre-planning a fishing trip.

We will go over wind direction as well as tides related to the seasons both hot and cold.

The tactics discussed will apply to paddlecrafts, boats, and wade anglers alike.

1. Smart Fishing Tides

Smart Fishing Tides is included with your Insider Membership.

This software allows you to choose a tide station close to where you are fishing and provide a Strike Score.

Strike Score is a number that is from 1-10 that indicates how well the bite will be on a given day.

When you click on a given day, Strike Score will provide you with that day’s tides along with the wind direction and speed as well as hourly fish feeding level projections.

Additionally, there is a local radar feature along with satellite maps readily available and sonar maps coming soon.

2. Google Maps

Google Maps is an extremely useful tool for pre-planning fishing trips.

You should find the feature that allows you to view the satellite imagery of your area.

Google Maps allows you to really dial in and scope out potential fishing spots.

There is a 3D feature for Google Maps that changes the angle on the spot you are looking for.

One of the most useful tools in Google Maps is the Streetview feature.

This is perfect for kayak or wade anglers looking for somewhere to launch from or fish.

You can see if there is public access to the water as well as if there is a boat ramp.

3. Weather

The basic provides the necessary information to create an informed game plan.

You will see hourly weather for your area on a given day.

Remember the closer you get to your trip, the more accurate the weather forecast will be.

Always check the weather either the night before or even the morning of your fishing trip.

That way you have the most up-to-date information on potential weather disruptions.

4. Wind

There are many tools for reading the wind, however, if you cross-reference with Windfinder, you can better predict wind direction.

Windfinder also has an app available for download on your phone.

If you find continuity across the different outlets that provide wind direction and speed, then the forecast should be spot on.

If the outlets provide different information, you may want to be cautious and anticipate changes out on the water.

5. Google Earth

Google Earth requires you to download it to your computer because it is not available on mobile devices.

The difference between Google Earth and Google Maps is Google Earth has a Historical Imagery feature.

You have the ability to look at different images of an area at different points in time.

To access Historical Imagery, inspect View on the toolbar and find Historical Imagery in the drop-down menu.

Another bar will then pop up on your screen to allow you to scroll through different images of that area based on a given year.

This feature helps you gain a better understanding of the structure in a given spot.

Sometimes the images taken may be from when it was high tide and the structure is hidden.

You can use Historical Imagery to find an image from a previous year that reveals the structure underneath because the image was captured on a low tide.

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Now you may be thinking, “Why do I have to pre-plan my fishing trips if I already have my spots picked out?”.

The truth is the fish move and without a proper pre-plan based on weather, the season, and tides all combined, you may find yourself stuck out on the water wasting time in a spot with NO FISH!

The resources discussed and demonstrated within this mini-course will help you pre-plan your trips with more accuracy to catch fish FASTER and without any struggles.

Insider Members have access to an entire library of mini-courses as well as our Mastery Courses all designed to make you a better angler and catch fish in less time than ever before.

You’ll even get to brag about it to your friends when you start catching more fish than them!

Do you have any questions about our Pre-Trip Planning Mini-Course?

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Timothy Cox
2 years ago

Is the full mini-course supposed to be on the Online Courses page? Didn’t see it there.

Jack Chiles
2 years ago

I guess the tides are affected by the moon, but it might help with planning to see the correlation between full moon and the Strike Score. I’m sure there is a correlation in there somewhere.

Jack Chiles


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